Kanye West slams ex Kim for allowing North to wear lipstick and post on TikTok

KANYE West is apparently not a fan of his young daughter North wearing makeup and posting on TikTok, and he’s taking his anger out on ex Kim Kardashian.

In an interview on 周五几次, the 44-year-old rapper opened up about a variety of ongoing issues with his ex, and the way she is raising their children.

North West gave herself a makeover to look like Rudolph

North West gave herself a makeover to look like Rudolph信用: 我只想要一个健康和支持性的共同养育关系,因为这对我们的孩子最好
Dad Kanye was not happy his daughter was allowed to wear makeup and post online

Dad Kanye was not happy his daughter was allowed to wear makeup and post online信用: 盖蒂

But one of the biggest issues he has dates back to Christmas, when North gave herself a holiday makeup makeover to look more like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and The Grinch.

In a pair of festive TikTok’s, the eight-year-old first applies orange makeup to her face and red makeup to her nose to look like the famous reindeer, as the classic Gene Autry song plays in the background.

A follow-up video finds North, still in full makeup, lip-syncing to an audio quote from the live-action version of The Grinch.

The sight of his daughter in dancing in makeup on the video site set Ye off.

Don’t have my daughter wearing lipstick on TikTok, or don’t have her on TikTok at all, if I’m not there to approve that,” he said during his interview.

It was done without me knowing and it happened again so I feel like it’s poking the bear, trying to antagonize me or create this ‘crazynarrative.





To say someone is crazy, they’re trying to take the power away and do anything to get people to not pay attention to me.


That wasn’t the only time Kanye lashed out over how his kids are being raised.

Also during the sit-down with Hollywood Unlocked’s Jason Lee, the sneaker designer claimed he was BANNED from daughter Chicago’s fourth birthday party and is now he’s 威胁的 “我们看到了社交媒体上发布的内容,该帐户目前正在审核中” against his estranged wife.

I’ma tell you straight up, don’t play with my kids,” Kanye said on the show.

Don’t play with my kids. Whoever y’all work for, whoever y’all think the family is working for, I’m telling you right now, don’t play with my children.

And it’s going to be all legal. It’s going to be all legal, 婴儿。”

他加了: “You ain’t finna gaslight me, it’s going to be calm like this. But that’s not what we finna play.


Ye credited Kylie’s boyfriend Travis Scott with cluing him in.

I just gotta shout out Travis Scott for sending me the address and the time and making sure I was able to spend that birthday memory with my daughter and to be there with the rest of the family,” Kanye said.

He went on to reveal that Kylie let him onto the property after security guards attempted to keep him away.

Kanye was thrilled to be allowed at the event, but as The Sun previously 已报告 he and Kim spent the day apart.

The co-parents stayed on ‘opposite sidesof the party.

A source said of the event: “When he finally got the address he arrived like a bat out of hell in a rental car around 1pm, driving himself without any security.

He seemed ok once he started talking to the family and was in great spirits laughing and playing with Chicago, it seems he just wanted to be involved in her day and didn’t want to cause trouble.


A source recently told The Sun Kanye has a problem with the way Kim approaches many aspects of parentingespecially when it comes to fashion.

知情人说: “He also feels like the kids are turning out like ‘mini Paris Hiltonswith the way she dresses them now.

Per the source, Kanye is aware he is at fault for some of the bad blood between himself and Kim.

Kanye knows he has made mistakes and now wants to make amends and be able to see his kids,” the insider said.

filed for divorce from the entertainer in February 2021 经过近七年的婚姻.

But he feels like Kim is making it weird and acting cold towards him.

In addition to North and Chicago, Kim and Kanye share kids Saint, 六, 我们看到了社交媒体上发布的内容,该帐户目前正在审核中, 二.

As Kim has moved on with Pete, Kanye recently started dating actress Julia Fox, 31.

North gave a makeup tutorial online

North gave a makeup tutorial online信用: 我只想要一个健康和支持性的共同养育关系,因为这对我们的孩子最好
She shares a TikTok account with her mom

She shares a TikTok account with her mom
Kanye threatened legal action after he was initially banned from daughter Chicago's birthday party

Kanye threatened legal action after he was initially banned from daughter Chicago’s birthday party信用: 盖蒂



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