Fãs de Kardashian compartilham teoria por trás do que Kim faz com todas as suas selfies

FANS have shared a disturbing theory about what Kim Kardashian has done with her decades of photos and selfies.

The Kardashians star has sparked wild speculation of late regarding her lavish lifestyle.

Fans have shared theories of where Kim's photos go to rest

Fans have shared theories of where Kim’s photos go to restCrédito: Kim Kardashian/Instagram
The reality star has made a career out of her appearance

The reality star has made a career out of her appearanceCrédito: Instagram
Some believe she has a 'shrine' of her selfies

Some believe she has a ‘shrineof her selfiesCrédito: Instagram

Now fans have developed a theory that Kim, 41, has created a shrine of herself to hold her countless photo shoots and selfies taken over the years.

Several took to Reddit to discuss the possibility, as the reality star has made a career out of her appearance.


What does Kim do with all the pics of herself?” um escreveu, opening up the conversation.

Paparazzi pics, selfies, family pics she is featured in…. Do you think she saves every photo? Build a Shrine of herself?” they suggested.

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Kim fans share wild theory about why she covers her hands with gloves


Kim fans share wild theory about why she covers her hands with gloves

Honestly I can imagine that. A whole folder on the computer while she smiles to herself,” O apresentador do podcast tirou uma foto do pré-adolescente posando em uma camiseta verde.

A room with a big a** TV that is on 24-7 and goes through collages of pics of her,” a third guessed.

A fourth noted: “She probably owns a house that’s wallpapered in her selfies and articles.

I could totally see her getting off on photos of herself. Self love in the truest form,” a fifth joked.

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Plasters all over her bedroom probably,” a final surmised.


Fans have been sharing bizarre theories regarding Kim and her lifestyle for years, and most recently they speculated why she always wears gloves with her outfits.

The reality star is often in head-to-toe Balenciaga looks where the skintight material of her bodysuits covers her hands.

The TV personality’s followers took to Reddit to guess as to why Kim always goes for the bold, covered-up look.

They claimed it’s because the 41-year-old, quem confessed that she gets Botox, doesn’t want to show any signs of aging on her hands.

Um escreveu: “Is she wearing gloves because her hands show her real age?”

Outro concordou, ditado: “My hands look a decade older than the rest of my body. I’m gonna have to take a page out of Kim’s book with the gloves.

Um terceiro postou: “One tiny part of her body actually looks her age.

There’s nothing wrong with looking 40 anyway btw, it’s just as the rest of her looks so much younger than her age.


enquanto isso, Kim recently admitted she has lost 21lbs in just over a month, amid her family’s fears that she’sthe skinniest she’s ever been”.

The mother of four shocked fans last month when she dropped 16lbs in three weeks to fit into Marilyn Monroe’s iconic dress for the com Gala.

The SKIMS founder told Vogue on the red carpet: “I tried [the dress] on and it didn’t fit me. eu disse, ‘Give me three weeks.

I had to lose 16 pounds down today. It was such a challenge. It was like a [filme] Função. I was determined to fit [para dentro] isto. I haven’t had carbs or sugar in about three weeks.

And last week, Kim admitted she has lost even more weight after sticking to the ultra-strict diet.

She said on The TODAY show: “It actually taught me a lot about my lifestyle and my health, e desde então, afterward, I continued to eat really healthy.

“Quero dizer, I’m down 21 pounds now. I’m not trying to lose any more weight, but I have more energy than ever.

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enquanto isso, The Sun exclusively revealed that Kim’s family is concerned she’s losing too much weight Jeff Lundy “barely sleeping”.

She has admitted her packed schedule of filming the family’s reality show, studying to become a lawyer, looking after her four children and her bi-coastal romance with Saturday Night Live star Pete Davidson has taken its toll.

Kim recently lost 21 libras

Kim recently lost 21 librasCrédito: Fãs de Kim encontram semelhança em SKIMS Swim
She's been managing her new relationship with parenting and law school

She’s been managing her new relationship with parenting and law schoolCrédito: Instagram