Los fanáticos de Kardashian critican el minuto '15 de Kylie Jenner’ vuelo en jet privado de $ 72 millones

KYLIE Jenner is following in big sister Kim’s flying footstepstaking her private jet out for a pricey short range trip.

According to flight tracking websites, Kylie flew on her $72 million dollar plane from Camarillo to Van Nuys.

Kylie Jenner's new pink jet cost more that $72 millón

Kylie Jenner’s new pink jet cost more that $72 millónCrédito: Instagram
Fans are upset that Kylie used the gas guzzling plane to fly 45 millas

Fans are upset that Kylie used the gas guzzling plane to fly 45 millasCrédito: Instagram

That’s a distance of just 45 millas. And a flight time of under 15 minutos.

It’s also a total of 127 gallons of jet fuel used, and a full ton of CO2 emissions.

En Reddit, fans called out the reality star, calling her and her sisters hypocrites for pretending to care about the environment, then taking gas guzzling mini trips.

The fact that I’m still being told that me taking shorter showers, turning off the lights, and recycling is going to do anything to save the planet…” una persona escribió.

How many short showers, dark nights, and recycled bottles will it take to offset a 15 minute flight?”

Otro estuvo de acuerdo, pidiendo: “En este punto, why does (Kylie) even have so many cars?”

One fan was gobsmacked to realize how common these short jaunts are: “For some reason in my mind I pictured them just using (their planes) for vacations and stuff… not frequently taking 15 min flights from one California city to the next.

And one person said it all comes down to class: “The elite have us average peasants thinking it’s our fault the environment is turning to crap.

They will say and do anything to continue their life of luxury & one sure fire way to do that is to manipulate the masses and make them argue with each other while they sit back and reap the benefits.

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This is actually disgusting of Kylie and the family in general. They are not the only ultra wealthy either, they are just more flamboyant when it comes to showing off their glamorous lives!”

The outrage comes just a few weeks after Kim was slammed for a similar flight pattern.

En abril 30, the SKIMS founder was slammed for taking her multi-million dollar private jet on a 17-minute flight, covering a mere 35 millas, while producing a reported 2 tons of CO2 emissions.

Again on Reddit, fans couldn’t believe the reality star would make such an environmentally harmful trip.

Camarillo to Van Nuys is a 40-60 min. drive,” one person posted. “If she really needed to save that time then a helicopter would have more than sufficed.

While another agreed: “Environmental destruction > 40 minute drive I guess?”

One follower asked how the entire family is not ostracized for their behaviors: “los environmental destruction of the Kardashian family is unfathomable.


Both Kylie and Kim fly the friendly skies in style.

Kylie bought herself a $72.8 millón pink private jet as a birthday pesent in 2020.

The makeup mogul purchased the Global Express jet before Covid and used it for her 23rd birthday this past August.

The private plane has head-to-toe pink decorations to match the star’s signature color scheme.

The jet’s cabin is 8 feet wide and 59.6 pies, posee 28 windows and two enormous pink swooping lines to accent the body.

The plane brags wealth with an entertainment suite, master suite, dos baños, a gallery, crew rest area, closet and ample storage room for baggage.


Not to be outdone, Kim kicks back in a brand new plane, which s able to seat about 18 guests and rumored to cost nearly $150 millón.

The jet has been namedKim Airand the guests were greeted with a welcome mat bearing the name as they boarded the plane.

They had a luxury breakfast in their seats at tables decorated with textured nude placemats and cream vases with roses.

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While Kim dropped millions in order to purchase the plane, maintaining the G650ER will also come at a major cost.

For every 200 hours spent flying per year, the TV star is expected to spend $400k in fuel costs and another $100k for maintenance.

The pink plane is nicknamed Air Kylie

The pink plane is nicknamed Air KylieCrédito: Consulte el título
It has several personal touches for style and comfort

It has several personal touches for style and comfortCrédito: Consulte el título
But fans are more concerned with how much damage the plane does to the environment

But fans are more concerned with how much damage the plane does to the environmentCrédito: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

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