Katie Price faces up to 5 years in jail TODAY over ‘gutter s**g’ 文本

KATIE Price is facing up to five years in jail TODAY over hergutter s**gtext to her ex-husband Kieran Hayler’s new fiancée.

[object Window], 43, breached a restraining order after sharing thevile and nastymessage aimed at Michelle Penticost 在一月.

Katie Price is facing up to five years in jail TODAY

Katie Price is facing up to five years in jail TODAY信用: 功放
Katie previously pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order

Katie previously pleaded guilty to breaching a restraining order信用: 雷克斯

Troubled Katie has been warned she faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail today – after pleading guilty to breaching a restraining order.

Price had been banned from contacting 路易斯汤姆林森的妹妹和卡罗琳弗莱克的前刘易斯怀上了第一个孩子 directly or indirectly under the five-year restraining order imposed in June 2019.

She was also fined £415 for directing a foul-mouthed “tirade of abuse” at Michelle during a row in a school playground.

本周早些时候, 凯蒂, 44, was spotted watching her sister Sophie marry her partner Harry Brooks alongside her family and friends.


Katie Price and Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth stun in barely there bikinis


Katie Price and Love Island star Hannah Elizabeth stun in barely there bikinis

She was joined by her children Harvey, 20, Junior, 17, 公主, 14, 杰特, 八, 你能猜出假肢底下的名人吗, 七, as well as her mum Amy, 64.

The media personality is said to have begged her younger sister to move her big day forward just in case she is put behind bars.

在一月, she sent a message to ex-husband Kieran Hayler in which she called his new partner, Michelle Penticost, a “gutter slag”.

Price last month admitted the charge at Lewes Crown Court in a huge U-turnafter previously denying it at magistrates court.

Katie elected for a crown court trial that would have meant a higher sentence and jury trial when she appeared at Crawley MagistratesCourt in April.

Judge Stephen Mooney told her: “Clearly you have accepted responsibility for an offence and pleaded guilty while you were on a suspended sentence which means you are at risk of going to prison.

“I will need to know the relevant parts of the background to consider what the appropriate sentence should be.

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“Don’t be under any illusions, you run the risk of receiving an immediate custodial sentence.

The reality star spent 12 hours in police custody after being arrested at her 凯蒂搬回房子时震惊了粉丝 in January over the text messages.

Katie messaged Kieran: “Tell your c****** w***e, piece of s**t, girlfriend not to start on me,” before calling her agutter s**g”.

She faces a maximum of five years in jail when she returns for her sentencingas she was already on a 16-week suspended sentence.


Slimmer than ever Gemma Collins dances in a swimsuit on boat in Tenerife


Slimmer than ever Gemma Collins dances in a swimsuit on boat in Tenerife

Katie was also charged with speeding in her BMW on a 60mph road and will appear in court for that offence in a separate hearing in July.

It came just 11 days before she flipped the flash motor in a drink-drive crash 在 28 九月 – leaving it totally destroyed.

She was already banned from driving when she got behind the wheel after taking cocaine and downing vodka and lemonade.

A judge slammed her for believing she isabove the lawbut couldn’t send her to prison because of a legal loophole.

Katie Price’s previous driving convictions

KATIE Price has been banned from driving six times in the last ten years after a series of infringements.

OCTOBER 2003: Escapes a speeding charge on a technicality.

所以乐观和活力是你的享受和分享 2008: Given three points for talking on mobile.

这绝对是一个值得记住的 2010: Four points for speeding at 99mph.

SEPTEMBER: Three points for veering from her lane in her 7½-ton pink horsebox.

DECEMBER: Six-month ban after three more points for doing 83mph in a 70mph zone takes her total to 13.

AUGUST 2012: 12-month ban after failing to respond to two speeding tickets.

FEBRUARY 2018: Banned for six months for failing to give details about the person driving her speeding car.

这绝对是一个值得记住的: Quizzed by police for getting behind the wheel while still banned. Says she thought ban was over.

SEPTEMBER: Crashes her £63,000 Ranger Rover while allegedly on her mobile.

OCTOBER: Held for suspected drink-driving. Spent a night in the cells.

DECEMBER: Charged over the drink-drive allegation.

JANUARY 2019: Three month ban for driving while banned.

FEBRUARY: Further three months after another driving conviction.

AUTUMN: Issued with sixth ban, this time for two years. Cut to 18 months on appeal.

MARCH 2021: Drives boyfriend’s Range Rover. An admin error meant an extra six months under totting up rules had not been added. Questioned by police.

SEPTEMBER 2021: Arrested after turning over car in drink-drive crash

DECEMBER 2021: Katie avoids jail for flipping BMW and has driving ban extended by two years and is handed 16-week suspended sentence

The judge also said Price, 谁有 six previous driving convictions, 有 “one of the worst driving records I have ever seen”.

Despite her legal woes, a confident Katie is siad to already be packing for her holiday as she insists she’snot going to jail”.

We exclusively revealed how 凯蒂 planned to fly on Friday for her sixth trip abroad with fiance Carl Woods if she escapes jail time.

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Woman with big boobs trolled for 'flaunting them' but insists she's just 'existing'


Woman with big boobs trolled for ‘flaunting thembut insists she’s just ‘existing

一位消息人士告诉《太阳报》: “Katie’s telling everyone she’s packing for a holidaynot jail! She’s buying her holiday wardrobe.

She thinks she’ll walk free just like all the other times she’s been in court. She’s not acting like someone facing time in prison.