Katie Price filma "UFO’ nel cielo ansimando 'L'ho visto – poi è scomparso’

KATIE Price has told fans how she saw a “ufo” in the night sky as she took to her Instagram stories with a video of the unidentifiable object.

The former glamour model zoomed in and out as she tried to focus on the circle-shaped light that she explained “scomparso” after spotting it.

Katie shared the strange object in the sky on her Instagram stories

Katie shared the strange object in the sky on her Instagram storiesCredito: Instagram
The star told fans she couldn't work out what it is

The star told fans she couldn’t work out what it isCredito: instagram

Katie, 43, shared the videos with her 2.6million followers as she explained she was trying tofigure out what it wasthat wasmovingin the sky.

Last night I spotted this and then it disappeared,” the mother-of-five wrote over the clip of the sky. “Can’t work out what it is. It kept moving.

The small circular speck appeared to be flashing and moving across the screen as she tried her best to film as close as possible.

It’s not the first time Katie has hunted for aliens, as she previously told fans she had a terrifying encounter at Area 51 after she went looking for extra-terrestrials.

The former reality star visited the secret installation in the Nevada desert as part of one of her television shows back in 2019.

Speaking in a Video Youtube lei disse: “I thought I was nuts. I get told I’m bonkers and nuts all the time. Talking about the Area 51 and I actually filmed there.

When we were filming there were signs when you get there, it’s in the middle of nowhere. Signs saying don’t come here, don’t cross, they can hear you, watch you.

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So with my foot I kept going over the line and the people I was with kept telling me not to do it. That I’d get them into trouble. So what?”

tuttavia, the star detailed how a blacked out security vehicle drove towards her as soon as she had done it, leaving her terrified.

Lei ha aggiunto: “A van came out of nowhere, a black pickup truck, blacked out. It came from the distance, all the way to the gate, stopped there.

It stood there for about two minutes and then turned around and drove off. It was as if to say: ‘You motherf***ers, we’re watching you. Don’t do it again’.

It comes as fans are currently convinced that Katie is pregnant with her sixth child as she has been looking ahead to her wedding date with fiance Carl Woods.

Il 43-anni shared backstage footage from her interview on Good Morning Britain last week with her son Harvey which fans think contained a “traccia”.

While getting her make-up done ready to go on live TV, viewers were given a closer look at the mum-of-five’s necklace, which was proudly on display.

Katie wore a gold chain clearly with the word “bambino” engraved on itafter revealing her plans to start IVF last year.

The star said the object in the sky "kept moving" as she tried to film it

The star said the object in the skykept movingas she tried to film itCredito: Instagram

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