O ex de Katie Price, Kieran, quebra o silêncio depois que ela foge da prisão

KATIE Price’s ex Kieran Hayler says he’sincredibly disappointedafter she dodges jail AGAIN.

The 35-year-old was warned she faced five years behind bars after sending agutter s***text to Kieran’s fiancee.

Katie Price seen arriving at court today

Katie Price seen arriving at court today

Katie, 43, was accused of breaching a restraining order after sharing thevile and nastymessage aimed at Michelle Penticost em janeiro.

But instead of being handed a prison sentence, Katie was given a 18-month community order, 170 hours unpaid work and £1,500 costs.

A statement released on behalf of Michelle and her fiance Kieran disse: “We are incredibly disappointed with the result of today’s court hearing.

“We feel a custodial sentence would have sent the right message to the public given the seriousness of Miss Price’s offending.”


Katie Price DODGES JAIL over 'gutter s**g' text to Kieran Hayler’s fiancee


Katie Price DODGES JAIL over ‘gutter s**gtext to Kieran Hayler’s fiancee

The ex-glamour model smirked as she left the dock today after being handed her sentence.

Judge Stephen Mooney said the offence wascommitted out of angerand branded the wordshighly offensive and inflammatory”.

In an emotional victim impact statement, Michelle said she fears Katie will attack her and worries for her son.

The mum added: “The impact of what Mrs Price has done has had a detrimental effect on my mental wellbeing.

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Katie Price faces up to 5 years in jail TODAY over 'gutter s**g' text


Katie Price faces up to 5 years in jail TODAY over ‘gutter s**g’ texto

The language used has made me scared. I worry and am scared she will attack me. I thought that having a restraining order would make me feel safe.

Nicholas Hamblin, representing Katie, said she had been under a “mal-entendido” that the restraining orderworked both ways”.

He also claimed she wasover-reacting as she felt she was being criticised”.

Mr Hamblin added: “Katie didn’t start it”.

The court was told she has struggled with adepressive disorder and anxietyand sought help from the Priory.

Eu obviamente pensei sobre isso, mas eu tinha um trabalho a fazer.”

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Walking into court this morning, Katie exploded into a foul-mouthed rant at photographers.

She blastedsuck my d***after being asked if she feared going to prison.