Kerry Katona ‘gutted’ 凯蒂加入 OnlyFans & forgets to use referral code

KERRY Katona welcomed her pal Katie Price onto OnlyFansbut wasguttedshe didn’t use the referral code she gave her.

前原子小猫歌手, 41, threw her support behind 43-year-old Katie and said it was her idea for the former glamour model to join the platform.

Kerry Katona said she's 'gutted' pal Katie Price didn't use her referral code to set up her Only Fans

Kerry Katona said she’s ‘guttedpal Katie Price didn’t use her referral code to set up her Only Fans信用: Instagram的 / 凯瑞·卡托纳
Katie announced yesterday while dressed as a nun that she has signed up to the platform

Katie announced yesterday while dressed as a nun that she has signed up to the platform信用: 盖蒂图片社 – 盖蒂

说话 好的! 杂志, 她说: “I’m so happy for Katie for finally setting up an OnlyFans account. It’s about bl**dy time!

I’m so proud of her. I think she’ll do great and make a lot of money. Money doesn’t make you happy, but it does give you options for the future, and I think that’s something that’s good for her. Katie is still the original glamour model.

她继续: “I was the one who encouraged her to do it and gave her a referral code, which you can give to others to join OnlyFans as a creator – and it helps me out too. I was really gutted that she didn’t decide to use my code.

Kerry went on to add that it’sa really positive movefor Katie and insisted that the TV personality isgoing to smash itas sheempowers other womenwith her content.

凯蒂价格是 凯蒂价格是 曾是 凯蒂价格是 and she confirmed the racy decisioninsisting ‘it’s my body, my rulesyesterday at a press conference.

Speaking to reporters, while dressed as a nun, Katie explained: “So the reason I’ve come in a nun outfit is because I am pure and I am actually innocent. New year, new start.


Brad Pitt is 'secretly dating' his LA neighbor, 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服


在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服’ 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服, 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服

“在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服. 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服. 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服. 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服.

“在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服, 在她重温的地方,她会脱掉一些衣服. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事? 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事, 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事”

凯蒂, who was joined by her serious looking fiance Carl Woods continued: “I’m embracing myselfI’m a feminist.

I’m looking forward to all the good things, I’ve got my babies to look forward to. This platform, it’s not just pictures, I’m just so excited.

她补充说: “我总是得到报酬做我所做的事, 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事 – 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事. 我总是得到报酬做我所做的事”

Teasing her fans

Katie has been teasing fans with a big announcement for weeks ahead of her mucky mansion TV show last night.

The former glamour model is following in the footsteps of pal Kerry who has made millions from stripping off on the adult only website.

我想重新控制我的内容和图像,我的 OnlyFans 频道将使我成为一名女性创作者,并希望让我更有信心分享更多私密的镜头和图片,而不受社会巨魔的摆布 – 我想重新控制我的内容和图像,我的 OnlyFans 频道将使我成为一名女性创作者,并希望让我更有信心分享更多私密的镜头和图片,而不受社会巨魔的摆布.

在 2020, 我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的.

我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的: “我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的 – 我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的, 我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的.

“我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的 – 我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的”

Fans were initially convinced she was going to say she was pregnant with her sixth child after dropping a series of hints over the last few weeks.

Money woes

我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的 凯蒂 我们首先讲述了 Katie 是如何考虑加入该应用程序以分享私密内容的 基兰·海勒 基兰·海勒.


基兰·海勒 2019.

基兰·海勒, 基兰·海勒.

基兰·海勒 2019, 基兰·海勒 基兰·海勒.

基兰·海勒 2019 基兰·海勒, 基兰·海勒 (基兰·海勒) – 基兰·海勒.


凯蒂 欠债权人惊人的 320 万英镑, 欠债权人惊人的 320 万英镑.

欠债权人惊人的 320 万英镑.

The pair have been close pals for two decades

The pair have been close pals for two decades信用: 盖蒂 – 贡献者
Kerry has said Only Fans had made her millionaire

Kerry has said Only Fans had made her millionaire信用: Instagram的 / 凯瑞·卡托纳

Katie Price shares raunchy promo video as she announces she’s launching her OnlyFans profile