Kerry Katona says you can ‘park a bike’ in her bum as she complains about size of it

KERRY Katona joked that you can ‘park a bike’ in her bum as she complained about size of it.

The 41-year-old recently compared herself to a whale after seeing pictures of herself in a blue bikini on holiday with fiancé Ryan Mahoney.

Kerry has vowed to lose weight since seeing pictures of herself online

Kerry has vowed to lose weight since seeing pictures of herself online信用: instagram
Kerry was pictured snogging her fiance on holiday in Marbella - but she wasn't happy with the pics

Kerry was pictured snogging her fiance on holiday in Marbellabut she wasn’t happy with the pics信用: 背网格

凯瑞 has since then vowed to lose weight and has been sharing her journey on Instagram.

Today she decided to make light of the snaps in a video posted on her grid.

作为 凯瑞 pointed at her behind, 她说: “My god the size of that a**! If anyone needs to know where to park their bike…”

The Atomic Kitten singer then pointed at her bum and said: “Right here…”

Kerry captioned the post: “True story ??? don’t half crack myself up! Literally ?.”

But many people rushed to the comments section to praise Kerry’s body.

一说: “Kerry be proud your body has endured amazing things in life!”

另一个说: “Looks lush to me.babes ?? normal mums body on holiday living life!! How it should be xx.

添加了第三个: “Don’t be so hard on yourself Kerry ❤️.

Earlier this week Kerry flashed her abs as she snogged her fiance Ryan on the beach on holiday in Spain with her three kids.

The loved-up pair looked head over heels as they kissed on the beach, with Kerry looking great in a turquoise bandeau bikini.

But after seeing herself in the pictures, the star compared herself to a whalebut vowed never to hide her body.

Riding in the back of a car, Kerry took to Instagram to discuss her body image and the beach snaps.

她说: “我像, ‘Oh my God, is that a whale? 不! It was Kerry!’. It’s alright though. Kim目前与说唱歌手丈夫Kanye West疏远. I’ve got a big bum. But can you see? It’s like my body’s swollen. It’s like you need to get a pin and go ‘pop’.

When a fan suggested she should embrace her body no matter what, Kerry replied: “I am embracing my body! I am very open and honest with my kids.

I’ve had surgery. Why lie to them? But I’m a 41 year old woman. I’m entitled to do what I want to do after having five kids. And I’m very open and honest with my kids and hopefully everything that I’ve had done will put them off for life! But I’m not going to hide away what I’ve done!

“是的, I look huge. It’s not healthy, it’s not good. I need to get in the gym when I get home. I’ve definitely got body issues. I love my food. I think that’s the problem. I love it so much. So there we go. My body’s just swollen. It is what it is, isn’t it people?”

有严格的审查制度——只有 8% 的申请者成功 Kerry decided to do something about it and jumped on the treadmill.

Whilst huffing and puffing on the equipment, 她说: “I tell you what, I’m going to lose this weight.

“诚实地, after seeing those pictures of myself in the paper, I am the one who swallowed Pinocchio and his dad – 诚实地. 看着我. I want you to follow me on this journey.

“I’m going to document itevery bit that I do. I’m going to lose this weight. Once and for f***ing all.”