Kids ‘freezingafter school bans coats in classbut NOT for teachers

FUMING parents claim their kids have beenleft freezingafter a school barred pupils from wearing coats in classdespite teachers being allowed to.

Holderness Academy in East Yorkshire has come under fire as, despite the bitter weather and windows being left open for ventilation, students are banned from donning jackets in lessons.

Holderness Academy in East Yorkshire has come under fire over its uniform policy

Holderness Academy in East Yorkshire has come under fire over its uniform policy
Parents have have complained their kids are 'freezing' during class

Parents have have complained their kids are ‘freezingduring class

Parents have complained the uniform policy is unfair as sixth formers and teachers have the option of wearing a coat.

But the school has defended the rulesaying kids can wear layers under their uniform.

Marie Clarke, who has three daughters at the school near Hedon, claims her kids have been left unable to concentrateand she even resorted to picking them up early one day, 报告 HullLive.

The 46-year-old from Preston told the outlet: “It got to the point a couple of weeks ago where the kids were coming home with their lips blue, freezing.

I rang the school asking if they’d allow them to wear coats as they were getting really cold. A couple of days later their answer was still ‘no coats’, so I said ‘well then that means no children’.

My daughter is 15 and told me she can’t concentrate because she’s so cold.





I’ve told them to just wear them anyway, but they’re worried that if they do that then they’ll be put into isolation.

Another mum slammed the policy, saying it’snot an acceptable environment for children to learn inas windows and doors are being left open for fresh air to stop the spread of Covid.

“(The children) are not allowed to wear a coat when walking between classes which is often across the playground, or they have to go outside to get to other classes,” the parent, who wanted to remain anonymous, 说.

They are only put their coat on once (他们已经) left the school premises or on the school bus.

Headteacher Mr Scott Wilson said: “We are aware of a few complaints of students being cold in classrooms.

Our staff are continually checking that classrooms are at a comfortable temperature each day as well as ensuring there is adequate ventilation as required in the Covid-19 health and safety guidelines.

During the winter months, students are encouraged to wear the school v-neck jumper under their blazer and also have the option of base layers underneath their school uniform.

Our guidance on wearing coats in the classroom for lessons is continually assessed by staff, complying with health and safety guidelines at all times.

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