Killer Kyle makes shocking confession as Moira and Amy struggle in Emmerdale

KYLE Winchester is crumbling under pressure as he tries to keep his involvement in Al Chapman’s death a secret.

But the eleven-year-old makes a shocking confession to another 埃默代尔 resident next week.

Kyle is crumbling under pressure

Kyle is crumbling under pressure信用: 电视台
Amy and Moira are growing increasingly worried

Amy and Moira are growing increasingly worried信用: 电视台
Will they be able to keep Kyle's secret for long?

Will they be able to keep Kyle’s secret for long?信用: 电视台

Keeping secrets is a habit for some villagers but it’ll clearly take Kyle some getting used to.

The young boy portrayed by Huey Quinn has been troubled by his guilty conscience after he killed Al Chapman.

And while his father Cain Dingle (由...演奏 Jeff Hordley) remains in prison, Kyle is being closely watched by Moira (Natalie J. Robb) and his mother Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson).

But both are finding it just as hard to get back to a seemingly normal life.

Coming up on 电视台, the pair of women discuss bringing Kyle and Isaac to the choir event just as Amy worries about letting her son out of her sight.

The family later gets to the village hall and into the festive spirit.

But when Amy and Moira lose Kyle for a split second, they later see him speaking to PC Swirling about Cain.

Panicking, they swoop in before anything is revealed but the police officer figures out that something isn’t right and is troubled by their jittery behaviour.

Amy and Moira are desperate to find out what Kyle told PC Swirling but only end up upsetting him further.

They quickly hatch a plan to give the boy the best ever Christmas in an attempt of keeping his mind of off things and returning his life back to normal.

In private, 然而, Amy struggles to pull herself together and the pressure also mounts on an overwhelmed Moira.


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同时, Cain is staying behind bars as he pled guilty for the death of his long-term foe, whom he confronted when he found out the businessman was having an affair with his sister.

Cain first insisted he was innocent but, upon realising what that could mean for his son, he decided to backtrack and take the fall for him.

He initially kept Kyle’s role in Al’s death a secret before letting Moira know what had truly happened.

凯尔, 另一方面, chose to come clean on his own to his mother Amy.

Following Kyle and Cain’s confessions, Amy and Moira temporarily left the eponymous village before returning with the firm intention of protecting the young boy.

But will a traumatised Kyle spill the beans?

Tune in to ITV to find out.

Kyle is finding it hard to cope without his father with him

Kyle is finding it hard to cope without his father with him信用: 电视台
How can Amy and Moira help him?

How can Amy and Moira help him?信用: 电视台