Les fans de Kim Kardashian pensent qu'elle a jeté de l'ombre sur l'album Donda de l'ex Kanye West

The makeup mogul’s fans claimed she threw shade at her ex-husband’s new album on social media after its release.

The rapper claimed that the album was droppedwithout his approvaland his new single with DaBaby et Marilyn Manson a été “blocked.

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Kim seemed to diss Kanye's album on social media

Kim seemed to diss Kanye’s album on social mediaCrédit: instagram
The volume was turned all the way down on her screenshot

The volume was turned all the way down on her screenshotCrédit: Instagram

Kim, 40, took to Instagram on Sunday to share screenshots of herself listening to Donda, but fans were quick to notice that her sound was turned all the way down.

One fan account, @chicksintheoffice, re-shared the story posts with the caption: “Kim is listening to Donda on mute.

Fans flooded the upload with angry comments as they slammed her for only posting for themoney.

Of course she is… she doesn’t want to hear his voice, but still wants that streaming money,” one claimed.

When you want to be seen as the supportive ex, but you’re sick of his shit.👏,” a second joked.

A third roasted the album’s quality, l'écriture: “I mean the album is trash so checks out🔇.

That’s what you gotta do for that streaming money… business not pleasure,” another guessed, while a final put shortly: “Busted 😬😅.


Kanye‘s 10th studio album Donda was released on all streaming platforms this past weekend, though he claimed he did not approve the drop.

The controversial star shared a scathing Instagram message just minutes after his highly-anticipated compilation was revealed, excluding his track Jail pt 2.

The Yeezy founder wrote in all capital letters: “Universal put my album out without my approval.

“And they blocked Jail 2 from being on the album.”


The missing track featured DaBaby et Marilyn Manson, both of which have been engulfed in controversy in recent months.

Kanye decided to include the two shamed performers despite DaBaby’s “homophobic” comments and the multiple allegations of rape against Marilyn.

toutefois, right after the rapper’s complaint was aired, the song became available everywhere.

Fans showed outrage that the hip-hop legend decided to promote the alleged sexual predator et “homophobic” chanteur.

“He shouldn’t have a career because of this song,” one critic slammed.

Another former fan reasoned: “As a longtime fan of you Ye, you lost me with this one. You should be ashamed.”

“There is no excuse anyone can give me to excuse this kind of behavior,” a third insisted.

While a fourth tweeted: “Unnecessary, disappointing & tort. But sadly not surprising from Kanye at this point. He’s lost.”


Kanye spent weeks delaying the release of his album, named after his late mother Donda, despite hosting listening parties in both Chicago and Atlanta.

The LP features 26 brand new songs, including one entitled Jail that disses Kim and embraces the single life.

The lyrics read: “Don’t you curse at mе on text, why you try to hit the flex?

“I hold up, likе, ‘What?’ I scroll, I scroll up like, ‘Next.Guess who’s getting ‘exed? Comme, suivant. Guess who’s getting ‘exed?”

Kanye then referenced their February divorce, en disant: “You made a choice that’s yobad, single life ain’t so bad.”

In a separate single, Believe What I Say, the father of four seemed to call his ex out for not appreciating everything he did.

“I ain’t never question what you was askin’ pour. I gave you every single thing you was askinfor I don’t understand how anybody could ask for more,” il fulminait.

“Got a list of even more, I just laugh it off…Too many family secrets, somebody pass the notes.”

Kanye's album has received mixed reviews

Kanye’s album has received mixed reviewsCrédit: Getty
Kim attended the listening party in a couture Balenciaga wedding gown

Kim attended the listening party in a couture Balenciaga wedding gownCrédit: Instagram
Fans have slammed Kanye for including DaBaby and Marilyn on Donda

Fans have slammed Kanye for including DaBaby and Marilyn on Donda

Kanye West sets himself on FIRE and Kim Kardashian wears a wedding dress at Donda listening party