Kim Kardashian is ‘gladthat Kanye’s girlfriend Julia Fox is NOT a ‘hater

THERE’S no bad blood between Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s new boo, Julia Fox, as the reality star is ‘gladthe actress is a ‘fanof her famous familynot a ‘hater’.

Kanye was first seen with Julia on New Year’s Eve.

Kim Kardashian is reportedly grateful Kanye West's new girlfriend is a 'fan'

Kim Kardashian is reportedly grateful Kanye West’s new girlfriend is a ‘fan信用: 盖蒂
She hopes it'll help make coparenting easier if she's introduced to Kanye and Kim's kids

She hopes it’ll help make coparenting easier if she’s introduced to Kanye and Kim’s kids信用: 盖蒂图片社 – 盖蒂

TMZ reported that Kim, 41, has no problem with Kanye’s budding romance.

实际上, she actually has a good feeling about Julia, given the fact that she’s a fanof the Kardashian family.

Sources close to the KKW Beauty mogul say she’s happy to see her ex happy and wantsto see him end up with a good person,” according to the outlet.

The insider noted that Kim is leaving the judgement up to Kanye.

They also said that Kim is thrilled Julia’s into the Kardashians.

She hopes it will help make co-parenting easier should the Donda rapper decide to introduce her to his kids.


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TMZ reported that Kim has completely moved on and she wants nothing but good things for her ex.

The former Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has been linked to Pete Davidson.


Although Kim and Kanye have seemingly moved on, fans aren’t over it quite yet.

Following his second date photoshoot with Julia, Kanye and his new boo have been accused of recreating an iconic photo of him and his ex.

Fans are slamming the Chicago native for his attempt torecreatean old photo of him and Kim, seemingly trying to make her jealous.

A TikTok user with the name @insydwetrust brought the photo to followersattention in a video shared over the weekend.

In the post, the creator shared a pic from Kanye and Julia’s 采访杂志 shoot which showed Julia resting her head on his shoulder.

It’s him retaking the same pic that was legendary during Kimye,” the user alleged.

The video then showed the old photo of Kim and Kanye snuggling on a couch

Both had their eyes closed.

Other TikTokers shared their theories about the photo, 一口气: “He did it to hurt her.


I literally got in an ig fight today over this LMAOO!! He’s literally recreating it!” 年轻女性总是来找泰森.

Kanye has been flaunting his romance with Julia from city to city.

The pair were seen on several dates, first in 迈阿密 and then in 纽约市.

Julia recently flew to LA to spend more time with Kanye.

金, 同时, recently returned from a trip to the Bahamas with Pete.

Kim and Kanye have four kids: North, 我们看到了社交媒体上发布的内容,该帐户目前正在审核中, Chicago and Psalm

Kim and Kanye have four kids: 我们看到了社交媒体上发布的内容,该帐户目前正在审核中, 我们看到了社交媒体上发布的内容,该帐户目前正在审核中, Chicago and Psalm信用: @kimkardashian
Kim has moved on with Pete Davidson

Kim has moved on with Pete Davidson信用: 超级代理商
She is said to be happy Kanye is happy

She is said to be happy Kanye is happy信用: 我需要那件比基尼在我的生活中

Kanye West’s new girlfriend Julia Fox admitted she’s a ‘die-hard’ Kardashians fan & has watched KUWTK since it premiered



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