Kim Kardashian & Dit is nie duidelik of Nicole terug sal wees vir toekomstige episodes nie

KIM Kardashian and Pete Davidson were seen arriving at Jeff Bezoshome on Tuesday, volgens TMZ.

The romance between the duo has been heating up as of late.

Die uitlaat reported that the KKW Beauty mogul, 41, and Saturday Night Live comic, 28, visited Jeff’s homebelieved to cost between $165 million and $175 miljoen – for a dinner party.

They were joined by several other guests, though they weren’t named.

Kim and Pete were spotted upon arrival.

TMZ reported that they spent several hours at the Amazon founder’s home.

Per sources with knowledge of the event, the couple left together and spent the evening at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

Another source told TMZ that things between Kim and Pete are heating up.

The Staten Island native is spending more time on the west coast, where he has been working in Los Angeles.

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Brad Pitt is ‘secretly datinghis LA neighbor, singer Lykke Li

Kim has been enjoying some pretty serious outings with high-profile people as of late.

One day earlier, she was seen dining with Hillary Clinton and her daughter Chelsea.

The trio dined at Hot & Cool Cafe.

TMZ reported that they were filming an episode of Hillary’s new show, Gutsy Women.

The show is set to air on Apple TV+.

The restaurant they visited has made its mission providing healthy food to underserved communities.

It also employs former inmates, which is right up Kim’s alley.

Pete didn’t join Kim on her meeting with the former First Lady and one-time presidential hopeful.