كيم كارداشيان & Pete Davidson kiss & cuddle on pizza and ice cream date night

KIM Kardashian and Pete Davidson packed on the PDA while pigging out on pizza earlier this week.

As The Sun reported exclusively, the two were caught getting comfortable with each other during a secret date at an L.A. مطعم.

Pete and Kim held hands on their date night

Pete and Kim held hands on their date nightالإئتمان: باكجريد
The two held each other tightly inside the Italian restaurant

The two held each other tightly inside the Italian restaurantالإئتمان: باكجريد

The couple were spotted holding hands and hugging each other tightly inside Jon & Vinny’s Italian restaurant, while waiting for their meal.

بيت, 28, was dressed in his normal casual attire, complete with white jacket and black cap.

كيم, 41, wore tight leather pants and a full-sleeved, blue-gray sweater.

A fellow diner told The Sun: “They were there around 8pm (يوم الثلاثاء) ليلة. Just the two of them. Corner booth.

Him facing out to the restaurant and her facing just him. They were kissing at their table.

أضاف: “They were definitely intimate and leaning into each other during the date.”

الأكثر قراءة في الشمس

تم الكشف عن سقوط إيميرديل في مينا كما يصنع رئيس العرض 17 الكشف

تويست الصدمة

تم الكشف عن سقوط Emmerdale لمينا كما يصنع رئيس العرض 17 الكشف

بعد العشاء, the power couple stopped by a local Rite-Aid Pharmacy for some Thrifty brand ice cream.


Thriftymight also be an appropriate way to describe the date.

While both Pete and Kim are worth millions, they seem to enjoy keeping date nights simple and real.

And it’s really starting to irk Kris Jenner.

The momager is demanding her daughter and Pete Davidson go on more high-profile dates, The Sun can report.

A source exclusively said the KUWTK matriarch, 66, is gettingirritatedwith the new couple’slow-keyoutings.

In recent weeks, Kim and Pete have been to the movies in Staten Island, to see and now dinner at Jon & Vinny’s.

They were also spotted enjoying breakfast together at the Fountain Coffee Room in the Beverly Hills Hotel.

An insider said that Kris – من الذى held a birthday party for Pete at her Palm Springs mansion in Novemberis a fan of the comedian, but wants the SNL star to step up his game when it comes to his new romance.

Kris thought Kim’s relationship with Pete was wonderful, and a great distraction just when it was needed,” قالوا.

She thought Pete gave a new perspective, just when people had written Kim off it made her really interesting and relevant again, revealed a new side to her.

But now Kris is getting really irritated by how low-key it all is.

The source went on: “She thinks Pete is too low-key. بالتأكيد, he’s got a great career but he’s got no potential to add value to Kim’s brand.

Kim seems happy, but Kris is already bored and rolls her eyes at the ‘low key pizza dates’.

The Sun has contacted Krisrep for comment.

While the new couple has been going incognito on many of their dates, they did indulge in some luxury when they jetted to the Bahamas earlier this month.

الزوج – من الذى spent New Year’s Eve apartare believed to have stayed at a lavish $10million villa with a poolside spa and deep water marina.


في أثناء, Kim’s ex, كاني ويست, has apparently been treating his new girlfriend, Julia Fox, to a lavish lifestyle.

Ye took the actress to a luxury West Hollywood hotel after an evening dining in LAas they continue their bicoastal romance, يمكن للشمس أن تكشف حصريًا.

مغني الراب البالغ من العمر 44 عامًا, الذي كان يتواعد the Uncut Gems star, 31, منذ ليلة رأس السنة الجديدة عندما التقيا في ميامي, منذ ذلك الحين شوهدت في نيويورك معًا, where she is based.

The Sun previously revealed Julia was jetting in to spend more quality time with Ye, and the pair were pictured with friends on Monday night at Craig’s in West Hollywood.

Sources say Kanye is still staying at the Soho Warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, where he has been living since the Free Larry Hoover Benefit حفل موسيقي مع دريك في ديسمبر 9.

But the new couple were seen entering the luxury five-star London West Hollywood hotel following their date, where rooms start at around $400 a night and suites can set you back $880.

“لا يزال كاني في Soho House حيث أن منزله الجديد في ماليبو قيد الإنشاء, مزرعته بعيدة جدا, ومنزله على الجانب الآخر من الطريق من كيم ليس جاهزًا, لا يعني أنه سيأخذ جوليا هناك,” one source told The Sun.

“هو وجوليا يأخذان الأشياء يومًا واحدًا في كل مرة, هم انهم كلاهما عازب حديثًا بعد الزواج لا ينجح, حتى يتمكنوا من المساعدة في شفاء بعضهم البعض والاستمتاع فقط.”

But a second source later told The Sun: “Kanye and Julie were seen heading into the London Hotel after their date for private time together after dining out with friends, but he’s still based at Soho Warehouse.

Annual membership fees are $2,160 for the Arts District space, and a higher membership rate gives exclusive access to any Soho House location.

The Downtown hotel spot offers a rooftop pool and its own recording studio, perfect for Ye and his crew, while rooms go up to $690 a night.

Pete kept his arm wrapped around Kim while inside

Pete kept his arm wrapped around Kim while insideالإئتمان: باكجريد
بعد العشاء, the couple stopped by a local drug store for some ice cream.

بعد العشاء, the couple stopped by a local drug store for some ice cream.الإئتمان: باكجريد
في أثناء, Kanye West is treating new girlfriend Julie Fox to a more lavish lifestyle

في أثناء, Kanye West is treating new girlfriend Julie Fox to a more lavish lifestyleالإئتمان: دفقة

Kim Kardashian posts stunning private photos from Bahamas getaway with Pete Davidson after returning home to LA

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