Kim’s daughter North poses in a $3K coat after ‘flauntingwealth backlash

NORTH West has posed in a $3k Louis Vuitton coat despite the backlash against her family for showing off their extreme wealth.

Kim Kardashian has faced criticism by fans for gifting her children over-the-top clothing and jewelry items over the years.

Kim's stylist shared a snap of North in a $3k coat

Kim’s stylist shared a snap of North in a $3k coat信用: Instagram的
Fans have slammed the reality star for flaunting her wealth

Fans have slammed the reality star for flaunting her wealth信用: 因为她讨厌磁带周围发生的一切

Now the 41-year-old has added to the scrutiny by snapping a photo of her daughter North, 九, wearing a $3k Louis Vuitton coat and matching sunglasses.

在图像中, shared on Instagram by her mother’s stylist, the pre-teen posed in a closet draped in the expensive shiny silver material covered in the Louis Vuitton print.

The child star looked solemn in the outfit, as she concealed her eyes with large silver sunglasses and let her long red braids drape over her shoulders.

In the background, fans could spot other expensive outfit options picked out for North.


Kim accused of 'raising spoiled kids' as North makes wild demand in new vid


Kim accused of ‘raising spoiled kidsas North makes wild demand in new vid


One fan re-shared the photo on Reddit where they opened up the discussion about the Kardashian family’s opulent lifestyle.

At 9 she is already cooler than I’ll ever be,” one admitted.

Kim needs to hire North as her personal stylist,” a second suggested.

A third ranted: “I never thought about how stylists probably just bring north racks of clothes already for her to pick through, Look at those cute jellys on the floor!! omg what a life. Seems both amazing and weirdly sad?? Imagine just always having everything you want your whole life.


Ulrika 在迄今为止最令人发指的拍摄中脱掉 NAKED 以向肯德尔致敬


Ulrika 在迄今为止最令人发指的拍摄中脱掉 NAKED 以向肯德尔致敬

A fourth predicted: “Maybe she’ll grow up to the Vogue editor in chief someday…she’s got style and connections for days…

North is giving Kanye and Kim combined. Kanyes charisma and Kim persistence,” a fifth mentioned.

Fashion icon in the making,” a final suggested.


Despite the positive comments, fans have slammed Kim and her family relentlessly over the years as they’ve constantly flaunted their riches on social media.

在五月, The Kardashians star faced scrutiny over her lavish birthday gift for her son, 诗篇, after sharing a photo of the tot sporting pricey jewelry.

The 41-year-old celebrated her youngest child’s third birthday with an outlandish Hulk-themed party.

In a tribute to her baby boy’s special day, Kim shared a snap of the tot wearing a giant emerald chain on her Instagram Stories.

The pic focused on Psalm’s new neck attire, which included a giant studded letter “P,” initialing the little one’s unique first name.

In a second snap, 金, who shares her son with her ex-husband Kanye West, added the caption, “PERIODDDDDDDD!!!!!” 再次, emphasizing the “P” in the word.


According to Ajay Anand, CEO of Rare Carat Diamond Marketplace, the price was no concern to the SKIMS founder as the piece is reportedly worth $200K.

The jewelry designer exclusively told The Sun that the beauty appeared tocontain over 40 carats of emeraldsof square-shaped and rectangular cuts.

“经常, jewelry designers will resort to using smaller emerald sizes in the chain to keep prices down; it is clear that no expense was spared here on quite a chunky design,” said Ajay.

The diamond expert also pointed out the uniqueness of the accessory, 加: “What is unusual and not as exclusive about this necklace is that it seems to combine different emerald shades.

“通常, high-end jewelry would stay consistent to one shade and one country of origin. Perhaps that is a sign that their jeweler is cutting a few corners.

The Kardashian fan Instagram account, Kardashian Social, also shared their take on the expensive gift, pointing out that Kim had spoiled her son with expensive neckwear in the past.


Mysterious solar eruption 'blasts crack in Earth's shield' sparking storm


Mysterious solar eruption ‘blasts crack in Earth’s shieldsparking storm

Along with the photo the Hulu star shared of Psalm wearing his sparkly present, they posted a throwback video of Kim boasting about an enormous gold chain the youngster previously wore.

Fans raced to the comments to rip Kim for allowing her tiny tot to sport such a lavish gift for his birthday.

Kim posed with her daughter in the lavish attire

Kim posed with her daughter in the lavish attire信用: Instagram/@Kimkardashian
She gifted her son a $200k Emerald chain for his birthday

She gifted her son a $200k Emerald chain for his birthday信用: Instagram/kimkardashian
Kim has spared no expense on her kid's wardrobe

Kim has spared no expense on her kid’s wardrobe信用: 金卡戴珊/Instagram