Cisnes del rey devastados por la gripe aviar con docenas de cuerpos retirados del lago

THE King’s swans have been hit by bird flu for a second time this year.

A third of his flock on the Thames a Windsor have been killed by the disease since last Thursday.

King Charles' swans have been struck down by bird flu

Rey Carlos’ swans have been struck down by bird fluCrédito: Getty
A third of his flock in Windsor have died since last week

A third of his flock in Windsor have died since last weekCrédito: Alamy

Swan charities have spent six days removing bodies of nearly 70 of the 200-strong royal flock from the water to stop the spread.

It comes after seven swans died at the same spot in January and vets humanely culled a further 26.

Pero el brote has returned with a vengeance and locals have been warned to stay away from the banks of the river and not feed them.

Sources say His Majesty, recuadro, will be “deeply upset” by the death toll.

A Windsor Castle fuente dijo: “King Charles takes an enormous interest in the wildlife on all royal estates and beyond, particularly so at Windsor where he is now the head ranger.

“He will be deeply upset about this major outbreak.” The source added the King’s swan marker David Barber, who did the job for 30 years for the Queen, will be keeping the Palace informed.

Charles inherited the Queen’s swans when she died.

Swan Support rescue chief Wendy Hermon said: “We have 66 dead so far but the phone is still ringing with more reports and we are working flat out to pick up all the dead swans.”

Ella añadió: “I have been looking after the royal swans for 30 years beneath the castle and I have never seen anything like this.

“It is the speed that these swans are dying at that is frightening as they are literally dropping dead in the water all over the place and every day we are pulling them out.”