KNIFE found on pitch as fans confront rivals until hero star prevents bloodshed

A KNIFE was found on the pitch after crazed Sao Paulo fans invaded and confronted opposition players before being stopped by their own team on Saturday night.

Wild supporters ran onto the field during their Under-20s side’s 1-0 defeat to Palmeiras at the Arena Barueri in Sao Paulo and the ref was seen holding the lethal weapon aloft just seconds later.

The game was deep into second-half stoppage time when trouble started to spill onto the field.

Palmeiras were leading the São Paulo Junior Football Cup semi-final as a man jumped the barriers in the stands and made his way towards the players.

There was a confrontation with some of the Palmeiras team before several Sao Paulo stars intervened.

And then another Sao Paulo supporter came from the corner of the stadium before the No 9 from his own team was seen furiously gesturing at him to stop.

The man did no such thing and continued to advance as the player from his own team grabbed him around the waist and tried to drag him away.

And in very disturbing scenes, just seconds later the referee could be seen walking off the pitch holding a black dagger-looking knife aloft.

Video footage from the scene appears to show the knife being THROWN from the stands and landing dangerously close to the players in the penalty area.


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