Kourtney shares photos of her son Reign & fiancé Travis amid feud with Scott

KOURTNEY Kardashian shared photos of her son Reign, ستة, and her fiancé Travis Barker amid her feud with her ex Scott Disick.

Her post comes as fans think Scott was flirting with her sister Khloe on an Instagram post.

Kourtney Kardashian posted a sweet photo of her fiancé Travis and son Reign

Kourtney Kardashian posted a sweet photo of her fiancé Travis and son Reignالإئتمان: إينستاجرام kourtneykardash
Travis is spending more time with his bride-to-be's children

Travis is spending more time with his bride-to-be’s childrenالإئتمان: instagram.com/kourtneykardash

On Kourtney’s Instagram, she shared an adorable photo of Reign spending some quality time with his soon-to-be step-dad.

Travis was pictured walking down a tunnel of festive colorful lights with Reign riding on top of his shoulders.

Reign wore a large cheetah print jacket and Travis wore his signature all-black.

A skeleton rib cage was printed on the back of Travissweatshirt.

كورتني, 42, posted her sneaky snap to share with her fans, tagging her fiancé.

The bride-to-be shares Reign with her ex Scott Disick, as well as her children Mason, 12, و بينيلوبي, 9.

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حديثا, Kourtney shared a sweet photo tribute for her sons, who happen to be five years apart but share the same birthday.

يعتبر حرف E.! star showed off her eldest son’s plate with “Happy Birthday, Mason” written in chocolate sauce.

There was also a large dish of shaved ice and a jar of sauce ready to be poured all over the birthday plate.

The throwback festivities continued with a collection of sweet moments with Mason and Reign.

She snubbed their father, سكوت, by completely dropping him out of the photo slideshow.

Their daughter, بينيلوبي, was noticeably absent in the slideshow as well.


Khloe Kardashian’s fans assumed Scott was flirting with her in social media comments.

It kicked off when Khloe, 37, showed off her natural and curly locks on انستغرام.

The reality star’s long and wild hair flowed and reached down below to her shoulders.

She gave a smoldering look at the camera before lifting up her brownish shirt in a series of sexy snaps.

Khloe posted an emoji of a queen’s crown in the caption.

في قسم التعليقات, Scott replied: “Fine American.

She responded with: “HaHa!”

Keeping Up With The Kardashian fans were not thrilled with Kourtney’s exwho shares three kids with himflirting with Khloe about her new look.

قال أحد المعجبين: “Kind of weird to date your niece and nephews dad/sisters baby daddy.

Another mentioned: “She is the aunt to his children,” while a third stated, “Just date her. Don’t worry about Kourtney.

A fourth person came to their defense: “Leave the poor things alone and just let them have their funny little bond.

A commentator added: “Just date already sheesh!” along with a laughing emoji.


في وقت سابق من هذا الأسبوع, Travis shared a sweet video of himself playing with Reign and Penelope.

فيه, he was seen running while dragging a fleece blanket with the kids sitting on it.

Travis captioned the post: “Blanket train with Reign.

Happy birthday Mason and Reign.

كلاهما فتره حكم and Penelope cheered with delight as he ran through a hallway, past a Christmas tree decorated with white lights.

It was the first time Travis had mentioned the boysjoint birthday.

Travis has two kids of his own: daughter Alabama and son Landon.


ترافيس kissed Kourtney’s foot in a photo as fans begged the two to “قف” المساعد الشخصي الرقمي.

The famous drummer and the reality star have not been shy when it comes to showing off their affection for one another.

ترافيس shared the photo on his account.

قام بتعليق المنشور, which showed him kissing the bottom of Kourtney’s foot, “كل ما أريد لعيد الميلاد.”

ورد كورتني في التعليقات: “لقد كنت جيدًا جدًا.”

المشجعين لم يكن مسليا من إظهار المودة, بكتابة واحدة: “أرجوك توقف.”

وعلق آخر: “ترافيس وتف,” بينما قال ثالث, “يو ماذا?”

أضاف شخص آخر: “you have time to delete this.

Her post comes amid her ongoing feud with her ex and children's father, سكوت ديسك

Her post comes amid her ongoing feud with her ex and children’s father, سكوت ديسكالإئتمان: وسائل التواصل الاجتماعي – الرجوع إلى المصدر
Fans think Scott was flirting with Kourtney's sister Khloe on social media

Fans think Scott was flirting with Kourtney’s sister Khloe on social mediaالإئتمان: سبلاش نيوز
Fans beg Kourtney and Travis to 'stop' the PDA

Fans beg Kourtney and Travis to ‘stop’ المساعد الشخصي الرقميالإئتمان: انستغرام

Kourtney Kardashian’s fiance Travis Barker posts sweet video of Reign, 7, and Penelope, 9, amid feud with Scott Disick

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