Liam Gallagher paid shocking amount to perform for 30 minutes at bash

LIAM GALLAGHER was paid £500,000 to sing at a lavish 50th birthday bash for B&M retail king Bobby Arora.

The ex-Oasis rocker, turned solo star, earned the payday for just a 30-minute set at historic Paris opera house the Palais Garnier.

Liam Gallagher was paid £500,000 for 30 minutes work

Liam Gallagher was paid £500,000 for 30 minutes work信用: sunexclusive
The lavish bash in Paris was a party for B&M chief Bobby Arora

The lavish bash in Paris was a party for B&M chief Bobby Arora信用: sunexclusive

The white-tie champagne do, where guests were also entertained with ballet and opera, must have made a change for parka-wearing, lager-loving Liam.

At one point Liam, whose hits with Oasis included 1995 anthem Roll With It, was joined on stage by birthday boy Bobby, co-owner of discount store chain B&中号 with brothers Simon and Robin.

Guests at the party included Fred Siriex, French maître d’ of Channel 4 show First Dates.

一位消息人士说: “It was the party to end all parties.


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利亚姆加拉格尔为格拉斯顿伯里的兄弟诺埃尔流泪 2022 外貌

“No expense was spared. It was opulent, extravagant and utterly brilliant. You couldn’t wish for a grander location — and then Liam took to the stage.

No one knew that he was performing. He brought the house down.”

During his set, Liam belted out 1994 Oasis hit Cigarettes & Alcohol — and there was certainly no shortage of booze at the party.

The Arora brothers bought high-street favourite B&M in 2004 when it was just a struggling grocery chain based in Blackpool and on the verge of insolvency.


How seaside town next to millionaires' row became South's 'drug capital'


How seaside town next to millionairesrow became South’s ‘drug capital

It now has 686 variety stores across the UK and is valued at £5.1billion.

So paying Liam was no big deal for mega-rich Bobby.

Liam Gallagher 'brought the house down' with his performance

Liam Gallagher ‘brought the house downwith his performance信用: sunexclusive

But he was lucky to land the rocker — who is as busy as ever.

He played to 50,000 fans at Hampden Stadium in Glasgow last week and later tweeted of the gig: “Glasgow you will be the death of me.

You were biblical — I love and adore you, stay cool until nxt time.”

He played Athens last night as his world tour of 20-plus dates continues, also taking in countries including France, 意大利, 比利时, the Netherlands, 芬兰, New Zealand and Australia.

Noel’s £200m Oasis deals

FRESH from his Glastonbury triumph, Noel Gallagher has boasted that he’s frequently offered nearly £200million to reform Oasis.

他说: “There’s not six months passes where I don’t get someone from Live Nation going, ‘You know there’s a couple of hundred million dollars in it for you’.

“Sony Music (Oasis’s record label) would love it. If I picked up the phone today and said I need to make a new Oasis record, you could make the most outlandish demands, you would be on the private jet in half an hour going to do the deal.

“Because they’re like, ‘Right, this is a licence to print money’.

“Whereas really they should be looking for the next Oasis and taking the time to make it great.”

Noel admitted on his podcast that he was back on the booze at the festival, after previously quitting in lockdown.

他加了: “I was f***ed. I certainly wouldn’t have been able to sing on Sunday night.”

Alison’s uni secret out

Alison Moyet has been studying at Brighton University

Alison Moyet has been studying at Brighton University信用: 阿拉米

EIGHTIES pop icon Alison Moyet has been going Invisible as a mature student, 我们可以透露.

The singer has been studying at Brighton University under her married name Geneviève Ballard on a printing course for the past few months.

But she’s about to reveal her day job to her classmates by taking them to see her perform as the support act for Tears For Fears on their UK tour this week.

一位消息人士说: “Alison wanted to be treated as a regular student. Now all her classmates are going to see what she does on stage.”

The ex-Yazoo frontwoman had to pull out of her support gig at the QEII Arena in Telford on Friday due to Covid.

Rest up, Alison – we hope your uni mates get to see you.

Laura hates about love

Laura Whitmore says she gets frustrated Love Island contestants forget they are there for a game show

Laura Whitmore says she gets frustrated Love Island contestants forget they are there for a game show信用: 盖蒂

SHE caused a stink by saying the Love Island villa reeked of body odour – and now host Laura Whitmore has had another pop at the housemates.

Talking about her frustration over their actions, 她透露: “I care about the couples and that’s why it’s really hard. Especially with Casa Amor – sometimes I want to give them a slap, 你懂?” Erm, 不.

劳拉, said on Melvin Odoom’s podcast: “When I come in to surprise them, they’re like ‘Oh Jesus, who are you?’ and I’m like, ‘It’s Love Island, this is not a holiday!’

“I think they forget. They’re like, ‘Why are you here now?’ I’m like, ‘Do you remember? This is a show you’re on? You’re not just here having a lovely time’.

“Or they get angry, say if someone gets dumped from the island and they’re like, ‘This is really unfair!’ And I’m like, ‘This is what the show’s all about, it’s a TV show – you’re on a television show’.”

Look who’s hair, 蕾哈娜

RIHANNA and ASAP ROCKY came close to starting a riot when they popped into a barber shop in South London’s Crystal Palace.

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stop by Star Fade Barbers in Crystal Palace, Sam Fender 和 Raye 约会后在英国人的后台很舒服

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky stop by Star Fade Barbers in Crystal Palace, Sam Fender 和 Raye 约会后在英国人的后台很舒服信用: KieKie

The new parents dropped in on Friday night after the rapper’s headline set at the Wireless Festival, where Rihanna was snapped in the crowd.

And despite being mobbed by hundreds of screaming fans at the barber’s, Rocky settled down for a trim.

Good on them for taking it all in their stride.

Frankie’s open to cures

FRANKIE BRIDGE says she would consider taking ketamine in a bid to cure her depression.

The former Saturdays singer, who has struggled with her mental health for years, admitted she would like to try micro-dosing the party drug.

She said on the Should I Delete That? 播客: “I still take antidepressants.

My shrink says I’m the one person he can’t fix. I’d love to explore other treatments now. There’s magnetic treatments, and micro-dosing ketamine.

“I don’t think I’m there yet . . .  I’ve got two kids and a job to hold down.”

Spices turn a Horner

The Spice Girls have not given up dreams of reuniting

The Spice Girls have not given up dreams of reuniting信用: 飞溅新闻

THE SPICE GIRLS bid to play Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage is a step further forward – thanks to Geri Horner.

The Sun on Sunday revealed that Mel B, Mel C, Emma Bunton and Geri had discussed doing a world tour ending at Glasto – with Victoria Beckham making a guest appearance.

Geri was reluctant – but sources say that’s changed.

One revealed last night: “Geri had the most reservations about touring – her son Monty is still very young. But recently she has seemed a lot more positive about the idea, and it spoke volumes that she and husband Christian came along to Glastonbury last week.”

Our Union Jack dresses are ready when they are.

Kim gear is a mutt-have

Kim Kardashian's 'new' metallic swimwear channels a 1960s look

Kim Kardashian’s ‘newmetallic swimwear channels a 1960s look信用: 插页

KIM KARDASHIAN channels Sixties big-screen icon Barbarella as she models metallic swimwear.

The US reality TV star, who posed in a cutaway gold one-piece and silver bikini, was promoting a new collection for her SKIMS brand (what else?).

For the poolside shoot, she teamed her costumes with blonde bouffant hair in an apparent tribute to sci-fi character Barbarella, played by acting legend Jane Fonda.

Kim Kardashian had blonde bouffant hair for the shoot

Kim Kardashian had blonde bouffant hair for the shoot信用: 插页

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I won £14m on the lottery as a single mum - I quit work and ditched family


I won £14m on the lottery as a single mumI quit work and ditched family

And she showed her cuddly side by posing with a few poodles.
金, who is currently dating US comedian Pete Davidson, voiced poodle Dolores in the children’s animated movie Paw Patrol.

So at least she could chat with these ones between takes.

Kim posed with poodles as part of the photoshoot

Kim posed with poodles as part of the photoshoot信用: 插页