Liam’s beautician, 53, says ‘I fancy him rotten’ despite being 32 YEARS OLDER

THE beautician of Love Island hunk Liam Reardon has saidI fancy him rottenand wants to couple up despite being 32 years older than him.

Jane O’Shea, owner of The Beauty Box in Merthyr Tydfil, ウェールズ, has described the star as “ゴージャス”.

Beauty salon owner Jane O’Shea (センター) with beauticians Abigail Williams (左) and Chloe Morris

Beauty salon owner Jane O’Shea (センター) with beauticians Abigail Williams (左) and Chloe Morrisクレジット: 供給
Liam pays £4.50 for his regular treatment

Liam pays £4.50 for his regular treatmentクレジット: レックス

リアム, 21, regularly visits the salon, どこ he gets his eyebrows waxed and shaped every fortnight.

The 53-year-old beautician said: "正直に言うと, we all fancy him rotten.

“He’s a beautiful man and none of us can take our eyes off him when he comes in.

“Even though I’m 32 years older than him, I think he’s gorgeous and I really fancy him.”

Jane insisted that despite his screen image he is actually “a gentleman”.

彼女は言いました: “The show seems to be setting him up as a ladies’ man, but nothing could be further from the truth.

“He’s not a player at all. He’s not the kind of lad you see with a different woman on his arm every night.

“In fact he’s only ever had one serious girlfriend.”

I’ve known him since before he could walk and talk. He’s a lovely boy

Jane O’Shea

Jane said she has known Liam since he was a childand he is “loved by everyone” in his hometown.

“I guarantee you won’t find anyone round here with a bad word to say about him. He’s an absolute gent.

“I’ve known him since before he could walk and talk.

“He’s a lovely boy.”

She said Liam always tips “two or three quid” on top of his £4.50 eyebrows charge.

Jane added: “Me and the girls are firmly on Team Millie. We think they make a great couple.”

Liam and Millie were one of the strongest couples in the villabut beautiful blonde Lillie has proven to be a massive test for the Welshman.

今晩, fans were left livid tonight as Liam laughed as his fling with Lillie was exposed and Millie shouted “あなたは冗談を言っていますか?”




ウェルシュマンは一人でメインヴィラに戻った, but he has a lot of explaining to do after his week away at Casa Amor.

ホストのローラ・ウィットモアから、リアムが忠実だったと思ったかどうか尋ねられた, 神経質なミリーは答えた: “知りません. はいとは言えません. 私は彼が持っていることを望みます。”


He grew close to Lillie this week and even shared a bed and multiple kisses.

しかし、何かが彼のMillieMooに引き戻されました – 彼は自分が何をしていたかについてしっかりと口を閉ざし続け、代わりに時が経つにつれて彼は自分の本当の気持ちに気づいたと言いましたが.

リアムにとって残念なことに, リリーが入ってすべてを明らかにした.

ミリーは叫んだ: “あなたは冗談を言っていますか? あなたは挑戦の外でキスしてきました? 嫌なことです。”

守備のリアムは言った: “彼女は私が両方を比較できるように彼女にチャンスを与えると言った. 明らかに, I arrived on my own for a reason.

Liam gets his eyebrows done at the salon

Liam gets his eyebrows done at the salonクレジット: 供給

Love Island’s Liam reunites with Millie after ditching shocked Lilliebut he has a LOT of explaining to do