LinkedIn DENIES data breach after claims info from 92% of users exposed

LINKEDIN denied that there was a data breach after claims that personal information from 700million users was exposed.

The networking site issued a statement last night confirming that no information regarding any of their members was breached.

The company confirmed that no data was breached

The company confirmed that no data was breachedCredito: Reuters
LinkedIn issued a statement on the claims

LinkedIn issued a statement on the claimsCredito: LinkedIn

Our teams have investigated a set of alleged LinkedIn data that has been posted for sale,” they confirmed.

We want to be clear that this is not a data breach and no private LinkedIn member data was exposed. Our initial investigation has found that this data was scraped from LinkedIn and other various websites and includes the same data reported earlier this year in our April 2021 scraping update.

The company added that they hold a lot of trusted data and that if anyone tried to take such information, “we work to stop them and hold them accountable.

Claims arose last week of that a RaidForums user put personal data obtained from the site up for sale last week.

tuttavia, on Tuesday night the company confirmed that no private data, such as phone numbers, nomi, email addresses and industry information, was exposed.

Speaking of the potential breach, Sonit Jain, CEO of GajShield Infotech, told IANS: “Data shared online by users on various applications, is as vulnerable as the application they are using. Any vulnerability of the application or its API may lead to a breach of your data.

Users should observe a zero-trust policy and not share any confidential data on any public platforms. Enable 2FA and change passwords regularly,” he went on to advise.

LinkedIn leak ‘scraped’ info from 500MILLION accounts being sold on hacker forum

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