Little-known way to get FREE fuel from Tesco and Esso

DRIVERS can save money on fuel with a major supermarket loyalty scheme.

Petrol prices are down from 174.79p a litre for petrol a week ago, and 185.40p for diesel.

Tesco Clubcard members can redeem points on fuel.

Tesco Clubcard members can redeem points on fuel.Credit: Getty

The AA reports that petrol prices fell to 173.46p a litre on Thursday and diesel to 184.21p.

Tesco Clubcard members can use their points to get money off fuel at the supermarket’s forecourts as well as selected Esso filling stations.

You can collect Clubcard points and use Clubcard vouchers at any of the 200 Esso filling stations that have a Tesco Express.

To find your nearest Esso branded service station with a Tesco Express shop please visit Esso Fuel Finder.

You collect one point for every £1 you spend at Tesco, or one point for every £2 you spend on fuel.

You’ll get a £1.50 voucher for every 150 points you get, which can be used on fuel as well as groceries and days out.

Both paper vouchers and digital vouchers on the Tesco Clubcard app are accepted at these petrol stations.

All you need to is present them to the cashier before you pay for your fuel.

You can sign up for a Clubcard on the Tesco website, where you can also search for your nearest petrol station.

Esso has also partnered with the Nectar loyalty scheme and you can get 5p off a litre when you swap 300 Nectar points.

Drivers with a BPme rewards card will get one point for every £1 they spend in store or on a litre of regular fuel at a BP garage. Motorists will get £1 off their fuel or shopping for every 200 points.

Texaco members can save 1p per litre of fuel with its Star Rewards scheme. You’ll get one point for every litre of fuel you buy, and you’ll get £5 off when you hit 500 points.

Motorists can sign up to Shell Go to get money off at the operator’s forecourts. You’ll get money off fuel for every 10th visit you make.

How else can I cut my fuel bills?

There are several ways you can save on your fuel before you even get in your car.

Low air pressure in your tires means that your tires will drag, slowing the car and using more fuel.

Keeping your tires topped up with air will make sure that everything is functioning properly and you will use less fuel

If your car is full of clutter or you don’t need your roof rack, get rid of it. The less weight your car is carrying the less acceleration it will need to get going.

You can use sites like to search petrol stations near you before you set off to see who has the best rates and cheapest options – you can do 20 free searches.