Jeremy der kleinen Leute & Audrey sieht sich das Bauernhaus an, nachdem sie die Familienfarm nicht gekauft hat

Kleine Leute, Big World’s Jeremy, and his wife Audrey Roloff looked at a new farmhouse after he hadwhinedabout not being able to buy his family’s farm.

Jeremy, 31, and Audrey, 30, shared their visit to a new “Eigentum” in their Instagram Stories.

Audrey Roloff was holding Bode's hand as they walked down the hill

Audrey Roloff was holding Bode’s hand as they walked down the hillAnerkennung: Instagram/@jeremyroloff
Audrey gushed about the 'cutest farmhouse' she visited

Audrey gushed about the ‘cutest farmhouseshe visitedAnerkennung: Instagram/@audreyroloff

The Little People, Big Word alum brought along their childrendaughter Ember, drei, son Bode, einer – on the trip.

Jeremy shared a snapshot of his wife and kids walking around the backyard of the farmhouse.

Audrey held onto Bode’s hand as they strolled down the grassy hill.

Ember’s back was facing the camera.

Jeremy’s wife also shared a snap of the building in her Story as well.

Near the front steps, the United States flag was hung up on the wall.

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Audrey captioned the post: “Cutest farmhousewith a heart emoji.

Sie hat hinzugefügt: “But the property wasn’t quite right.

In addition to Ember and Bode, the couple also shares their newborn baby, Radley.


Vor kurzem, the LPBW star opened up on social media about why he was making some home changes.

Jeremy had originally planned to be in their house for abouttwo years.

He hadplans to purchase property, which at the time wasRoloff Farms.

The TV star seemed to complain that he hadpassed up on a lot of properties and been outbid on others.

Now after three years, it was time to work on the master bathroom, which he explained had to beredone.

As the Stories continued, the TV star ended up cutting out a large hole and showed off the lead pipes behind the wall.


Jeremy and his brother, Zach, 31, decided not to move forward with the purchase of the family farm.

Zurück im Mai 2021, their father, Matt, 60, took to Instagram and was asked if Jeremy had bought the farm.

Matt sagte: "Nein, not yet. Nein, we haven’t settled what we’re going to do with the farm. It’s all being discussed actively.”

Audrey mentioned on social media that since they were not buying the farm, it was the “death of a dream.”

Though he did not become a farm owner, The Sun exclusively revealed that Jeremy instead received his student pilot certificate back in July 2021.

Zach had expressed his desire to buy the farm, but he ended up moving to Washington with his wife and their two children – Jackson, vier, and daughter Lilah, zwei – im Oktober 2021.

When asked about buying the farm, Zach’s wife Tori, 30, said in an Instagram Story: “Some things just don’t go according to plan. But it all worked out for us.”

There were 'plans to purchase property' on Roloff Farms

There were ‘plans to purchase propertyon Roloff FarmsAnerkennung: Sozialen Medien – Siehe Quelle
Tori and Zach Roloff passed up on buying the family farm

Tori and Zach Roloff passed up on buying the family farmAnerkennung: Tori Roloff/Instagram
Jeremy and Audrey posed for a photo together

Jeremy and Audrey posed for a photo togetherAnerkennung: Instagram

Little People’s Jeremy Roloff ‘whinesabout not being able to buy family’s farm

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