Love Island bombshell reveals she’s going back to her day job as a shot girl

A LOVE Island bombshell has revealed she will be going back to her day job as a shot girljust two weeks after the show came to an end.

可可旅馆 took to her YouTube channel to film a candid Q&A for fans when she made the career admissionsaying she will return to doing what she loved after the ITV2 dating show.

Coco revealed she would be going back to her day job

Coco revealed she would be going back to her day job信用: YouTube
The TV star said she would return as a shot girl this month

The TV star said she would return as a shot girl this month信用: 电视台

爱情岛 star Coco, 27, who rose to fame thanks to her Casa Amor antics this summer, revealed she was going to try to go back to her previous job in her latest video.

Answering fans submitted by fans in a tell-all Q&A on Wednesday night, she was asked what her career prospects were after the show.

What is your next move?” Coco was asked, to which she explained she was branching out with work onTikTok and Instagram”.

There’s potential other TV shows in the line-up,” 她取笑, before revealing she would also be returning to her shot girl post.

I’m also still doing everything I did before Love Island, I never ever wanted to give up those things,” Coco went on.

I just wanted to use the show to find new career opportunities as well as continue what I was doing before.

I have my own graphic design business and I also do shot girling, where I sell Jägerbombs in clubs, which I’m going back to on the 26th.

That should be interesting, it’s just a trial to see how it goes. It might be a bit much with people knowing who I am or it will be even betterso we are just going to see how that goes.

它出现在 Coco revealed what it’s like to audition for Love Islandshowing off her casting tape on YouTube.

The reality TV bombshell revealed that she submitted a tape for producers to look at before appearing as a Casa Amor contestant.

The minute-long clip saw her explaining who she was, including what she did for a living and why she’d be good for the show.

Hi, I’m Coco and I’m from Surrey,” she could be heard saying. “I’m a freelance graphics designer and I also own a clothing brand.

I need somebody’s help to filter out all the bulls*** men, I want to get married young, my biological clock is like ding, ding, ding, I need to be pregnant right now.

I want four children and then once they’ve grown up I want to foster but all the guys I meet just use me for sex, and I’m just in and out of situationships.

Just someone who wants to commit to me! I want love.

它出现在 Coco revealed she broke down in tears following her row with Summer Botwe during the reunion show.

The Sun told how the full argument was cut after a series of shocking comments were made and producers were forced to step in.