Los fanáticos de Love Island ruegan un cambio IMPORTANTE en la próxima serie a medida que las filas explosivas no se emiten

LOVE Island fans reckon they’ve got an idea to spice up the show when it returns in a matter of months.

Viewers have called for a Hermano mayor-style live feed on one of ITV’s many channels or its new streaming service.

Love Island fans reckon the cast's every move should be shown

Love Island fans reckon the cast’s every move should be shownCrédito: Rex
Live streams have been used on shows such as Big Brother

Live streams have been used on shows such as Big BrotherCrédito: Rex

Several have insisted the move would allow Isla del amor fans to keep track of every momentnot just what the producers chose to air.

And it would mean every bust-up would be shown. Remi Lambert, 22, previously claimed he had rowed with Jacques O'Neill, 23, in a series of unaired rows.

Coco Lodge, 27, has also opened up on the moments that never made it to our screens.

One fan pointed out the live feeda feature of the early years of Big Brotherwas used in some international TV formats.

Ellos tuitearon: “UK needs to have 24/7 live feeds just like in Big Brother US & Canadá. We miss so much going on!

They can cut the feeds when they do challenges & not show any activity outside the villa like dates, but let us see the daily drama inside the villa!”

otro razonado: “So there can’t be a Love island live feed just like Big Brother? One hour can’t possibly catch everything, we need more.

Un tercero publicado: “I really wish that love island had a live feed like E4 used to have for Big Brother. I’d never get anything done.

sin embargo, there would be problems for the show in laying on a live feed as what we saw at home doesn’t necessarily take place that day.

Because of cliffhangers and other filming quirks, some of the action could have happened in real life many hours earlier.

Love Island is set to return to our screens for its second ever winter series in January.

The show will kick start the New Year with a fresh batch of Love Islanders heading to South Africa.

Then only a few months later in summer 2023, it will return to the Majorca villa for another eight-week run.

Scenes involving Jacques O'Neill were not shown, according to one ex-Islander

Scenes involving Jacques O’Neill were not shown, according to one ex-IslanderCrédito: Rex

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