Love Island fans defend Hugo Hammond after Chloe’s sly comment about bedding him

LOVE Island fans rushed to defend Hugo Hammond last night after newbie Chloe Burrow’s made a sly quip about bedding him.

The 25-year-old financial services marketing executive was chatting to the girls about who she was going to pick to couple up withbut quickly ruled out the PE teacher.

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Chloe Burrows made a joke about sharing a bed with Hugo

Chloe Burrows made a joke about sharing a bed with Hugo

Chatting to Kaz about her decision, Chloe said: “I’m just trying to think who I can fancy and spend a bit of my day with.”

Trying to help, Kaz asked: “Who would you want to share a bed with?"

يضحك, Chloe replied: “Hugo, لا, I’m joking.”

Chloe said she found Hugo the least attractive

Chloe said she found Hugo the least attractiveالإئتمان: ريكس

She later admitted that he was the one she was least attracted toand she hadn’t even learned his name.

She told Shannon Singh and Faye Winter: “The only I’m not getting a huge sexual attraction off is, what’s his name, Diego?”

Those watching at home were not impressed by her comments and rushed to Twitter to support Hugo, who is the show’s first physically disabled singleton.

Chloe didn't even know Hugo's name

Chloe didn’t even know Hugo’s name
Hugo has been supported by fans online

Hugo has been supported by fans online

كتب شخص واحد: “Why did Chloe completely disrespect Hugo, by saying she would pick him like he was some sort of boobie prize…not fit to lick his boots.”

وأضاف آخر: “After Chloe trash talking Hugo, I want her out. That’s not someone who I think deserves to be an influencer. First she sleeps with married men then she attacks HugoGET HER OUT!!! #LoveIsland."

While someone else added: “Honestly feel so bad for Hugo! First of all Chloe makes a sly comment about him behind his back and then she gets his name wrong. Disliking Chloe more and more now. Surely I can’t be the only one that thinks Hugo’s a genuinely nice guy? ."

Tonight the Islanders are in for a shock as someone is set to be sent home after Chloe makes her decision about coupling up.

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