Love Island first look reveals Tyler in massive argument with Kaz

LOVE Island’s Tyler is set to have a fiery showdown with Kaz as she accuses him of beingthe biggest f***ing game player”, a dramatic teaser has revealed.

تايلر, 26, was seen returning to the villa on Friday night with new girl Clarisse after the boystrip to Casa Amor came to an end.

Kaz and Tyler come to blows in Sunday night's Love Island

Kaz and Tyler come to blows in Sunday night’s Love Islandالإئتمان: ITV
Tyler is branded a 'game player' by his ex

Tyler is branded a ‘game playerby his exالإئتمان: ITV

بالرغم ان Kaz, 26, also decided to recouple with new guy Matthew, she admitted her decision was prompted by a snap of Tyler kissing another girl.

In a preview of the next جزيرة الحب instalment, which airs on Sunday night, Kaz rages: “Pick your words carefully because right now what I’m about to hear…”

Tyler tells her: “It sounds s***, لا تفهموني خطأ…”

But Kaz shoots back: “I think you’re playing the biggest f***ing game!”

حانق, Tyler yells: “ME? Everything I’ve said to you…”

الكل تغير

Tensions began flaring at Friday night’s epic recoupling following Casa Amor.

After Tyler strolled in with Clarisse, Kaz told host لورا ويتمور: “I don’t really know what to say, أن نكون صادقين. I feel like he just wasn’t honest with me from the beginning.

He came in very focussed on just me and talked about everything on the outside world. But it took one or two days for him to be in bed with someone else.

🌴 اقرأ جزيرة الحب 2021 مدونة حية للحصول على آخر التحديثات

I kind of feel a bit blindsided but, do you know what, out with the old and in with the new.

Tyler insisted the first few days of Casa Amor weretough”, لكن “found a sparkwith Clarisse and so decided to give romance with her a go.

I kind of feel a bit blindsided but, do you know what, out with the old and in with the new.

Kaz, جزيرة الحب

Kaz, وفى الوقت نفسه, told Tyler and host Laura that she had spent the first few days sleeping on the sofa after the boys had gone.

This changed when a postcard arrived showing Tyler smooching Clarisse.

When Tyler pointed out that shestill recoupled”, Kaz replied: “I saw a picture of you kissing another girl, Ty. That’s why I recoupled. That was basically my green light to go.

Laura asked Kaz:”If you hadn’t seen that picture, would you be recoupling?”

Shaking her head, she quietly replied: “No.

🌴 قراءة كل آخر أخبار جزيرة الحب

Friday night’s dramatic recoupling saw six single guys and girls leave the villa.

Millie was left in floods of tears after learning that Liam had been unfaithful in Casa Amor while she had remained loyal.

Love Island fans also found themselves welling up after Teddy returned to the villa to reunite with Faye, before finding she had recoupled with Sam.

Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

Kaz has recoupled with Sam

Kaz has recoupled with Samالإئتمان: ITV
Tyler returned from Casa Amor with Clarisse

Tyler returned from Casa Amor with Clarisseالإئتمان: ITV

Tyler is ‘smugin front of Kaz before being shocked by Casa Amor postcard reveal on Love Island