Love Island one week onafter feuds, break-up and stars becoming millionaire

LOVE Island 2022 aired its final episode last weekmuch to the disappointment of its fans who had tuned in for two months.

But just because the show is off air doesn’t mean the drama has stopped, as plenty more has happened since the latest round of Islanders headed home to the UK.

The Islanders have been out of the villa for just over a week

The Islanders have been out of the villa for just over a week信用: 电视台
Lots of drama has happened since Ekin-Su and Davide were crowned winners

Lots of drama has happened since Ekin-Su and Davide were crowned winners信用: Instagram的

爱情岛 viewers crowned Ekin-Su Cülcüoğlu大卫·桑克里门蒂 in a tense final last Monday, with the contestants flying home days later after eight weeks on ITV2.

While fans were no doubt disappointed their regular 9pm viewing had come to an end, this year’s contestants have continued to cause chaos in the outside world.

From couple break ups to bullying accusations, social media feuds to juicy interviews, there’s been plenty of drama to keep up on.

In case you’re struggling to keep up, here we’ve rounded up the most dramatic moments that have happened in the week since the show came to an end.

Coco and Summer row it out

Coco Lodge and Summer Botwe went head-to-head during the tense Reunion special last weekend over comments about Josh Le Grove.

Summer, 22, was said to have been dating Josh, 22, outside the villa after the pair got to know each other following their dumping.

The pair told host Laura Whitmore on an Aftersun episode they were keen to get to know each otherbefore Coco dropped a bombshell.

可可, 27, laimed she could have slept with the hunk during her time on the show – and an expletive-filled barney ensued.

Summer swiftly unfollowed Coco on Instagram and in a tweet, which she later deleted, she hinted that things were set to be explosive.

It all kicked off on the Reunion show, when Billy Brown sat between Coco and Summer, 开玩笑: “I know someone who wishes they could have got with someone, but we move.

Coco responded to Summer and said: “It’s just banter. If you can’t handle a big personality, don’t go on reality TV.

Adam and Jacques feud

Jacques O’Neill took a major swipe at his former co-star Adam Collard during an explosive Instagram live with his pal Luca Bish.

卢卡, 23, was seen reading out questions for Jacques, 23, sent by fans when he dished out his opinion on Adam, 27, and Paige Thorne.

What do you think of Adam and Paige’s relationship?” the fan had asked, to which Luca mocked: “Glad her mum approves.

Jacques replied: “是的, well her mum seems really fond of Adam.

He poked fun at a clip which saw Paige’s mum tell the paramedic she didn’tbuy itwith her relationship with Adam on the show.

Retweeting the clip of the conversation between Jacques and Luca, Adam clapped back: “Humble in defeat our kid, chin up.

Jacques accused of bullying Remi

Bombshell boy Remi Lambert hit out about a questionable clip of Jacques and Luca mocking his rapping ability on Instagram Live.

He accused the professional rugby star and his fishmonger pal of “欺凌” him during his time in the villa in a long statement.

In the social media clip, which has gone viral, 卢卡 could be heard saying: “We’re not MCs, we need Remi in here for that.

A fake account posing as Remi replied in the comments: “What you boys saying about me and my rapping?”

Jacques then laughed: “I said it’s really good, you should turn pro,” as the two boys rolled their eyes and sniggered.

After seeing the questionable clip, Remi took to Instagram to discuss it and questioned why they weren’t kicked out as he said they gave himbulliedby the pair “24 小时” 一天.

Jacques said bad things about my appearance and the way I speak, whilst Luca was encouraging it,”他透露.

Remi added: “Worst person to represent mental health and ADHD. He’s still out here mocking not just me but other islanders too.

Deji and Lacey are the first couple to SPLIT

Deji Adeniyi and Lacey Edwards revealed they had gone their separate ways after deciding to just be “朋友们”.

德吉, 25, 和莱西, 25, starred on this year’s series and fired up a romance after instantly hitting it off, but it seems the spark wasn’t to last outside of the villa.

莱西, 25, hinted that her romance with Deji came to an end days after the showrevealing he’d NOT asked her out on a date.

A source exclusively told The Sun that the pair are no longer seeing each other, and that they never went on a date after they left the hit ITV2 show, with his night with Coco being the “last straw” for Lacey.

妻子丽莎“再次生活在一起”: “Everyone could tell it was awkward between them at the Reunion after Lacey delivered some home truths. Now they’ve called it quits and are no longer seeing each other.

Lacey didn’t want to force something that wasn’t meant to be and then the rumours about Deji and Coco were the final straw between them.

Ekin-Su and Davide to star in their own show

Winning couple 动作火, 27, and Davide, 27, were offered a big-money TV deal just over one week after leaving the Love Island villa.

The Sun revealed last month that TV bosses were desperate to sign the pair up for their own series.

Ekin-Su and Davide opened up about the project for ITV2, which will see them travelling the world during an interview on Big Breakfast.

他解释说: “I can tell this. We are going on a road trip to Italy and Turkey so one week in Italy, one week in Turkey.

We are going to be on ITV2 so it’s going to be like our own programme.

Ekin-Su added: “It will be all real, 斗争, I’ll be cooking for him, he’ll be cooking for me. It will be two cultures.