Spoiler di Love Island: Sharon and Hugo clash after she accuses him of ‘avoiding her

SHARON Gaffka and Hugo Hammond are set to clash on tonight’s Love Island.

Il 25enne civil servant is convinced the PE teacher, 22, is giving her thecold shouldersince they coupled up on Monday’s launch show.

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Sharon confronts Hugo about 'avoiding' her

Sharon confronts Hugo about ‘avoiding’ suaCredito: ITV

“I am annoyed that we’re in a couple, we share a bed together and you’ve [Hugo] not had a conversation with me since,” Sharon confides in her pal Kaz Kamwi.

Later that day, Sharon pulls Hugo for a chat to confront him aboutavoiding” sua

“I knew from the word go that I wasn’t your type and that’s perfectly fine,” lei dice.

What annoyed me is I feel like you avoid me and you don’t talk to me.”

Sharon confesses her feelings to her pal Kaz

Sharon confesses her feelings to her pal KazCredito: ITV

Hugo says: “I’m not being funny but there hasn’t really been the time.

I’m definitely sorry for making you feel that I was giving you the cold shoulder.

Sharon is convinced Hugo is giving her the 'cold shoulder'

Sharon is convinced Hugo is giving her the ‘cold shoulderCredito: ITV

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I definitely wasn’t avoiding you and I don’t want you to feel like that.”

But as Sharon distances herself from Hugo and it looks like there might be another romantic interest on the horizon.

So which of the other girls have caught Hugo’s eye?

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