La star di Love Island sembra molto diversa solo un anno dopo lo spettacolo

LOVE Island hunk Dale Mehmet has undergone quite the transformation since appearing on the hit show.

Il 25 year-old barber from Glasgow appeared on the ITV2 smash nel 2021 but today looks very different.

Dale now looks very different

Dale now looks very differentCredito: instagram
Dale poses with Towie star Mario Falcone

Dale poses with Towie star Mario FalconeCredito: instagram

L'anno scorso, il heavily-inked hair guru sported locks that were wavy on top with blonde tips, then shaved at the side.

But now the Scottish reality star has gone back to dark hair and an all over buzz cut.

From the looks of the lad’s social media, where he has posed walking out of the sea in recent days, he has also been hitting the gym even more and added to his extensive tattoo collection.

Dale is no stranger to a transformation, regularly experimenting with new hair styles.

Torna a maggio, he sported braids and a sharp undercut.

Fans of Love Island will remember Dale on day 29 of the competition with five other hunks.

Several days later he coupled up with Chloe Burrows, then later with Abigail Rawlings.

He was dumped from the villa 13 days after he entered after the girls chose to give him the boot.

Dale was a barber before appearing on Love Island but is now also pursuing a career in modelling.

He recently revealed he had his teeth done and Botox to create the “perfect look”.

After travelling to Turkey for his gnashers, Dale told OK!: “It was something I always wanted to do and not because I was insecure about my teeth or anything like that.

I feel like you need to have your teeth done to know what I mean by that. It changes your face so much.

For the career I wanted to pursue, it looks good – the perfect smile.

Ha aggiunto: “I got some Botox. Stop these wrinkles coming on quick, get it done when I’m younger and stop it from being there when I’m older.

Dale, who was dumped from Love Island just before the final, admits his life has been turned upside-down since his TV stint.

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Egli ha detto: “It’s been mad. I feel like when I came out I got a good reaction. I couldn’t have come out to more support. I was overwhelmed.

“I’m taking a wee bit of a break. My job is my life. I love barbering and it’s my passion, but I’ve been given an opportunity to try some new things and pursue some stuff with fashion and modelling.”

Dale strikes a pose in a recent mirror selfie

Dale strikes a pose in a recent mirror selfieCredito: instagram
Dale has previously sported braids

Dale has previously sported braidsCredito: Instagram