Love Island viewers work out clue why Luca and Gemma will NEVER work

LOVE Island viewers haveworked outa clue as to why Luca Bish and Gemma Owen will NEVER work outside the villa.

Fans of the ITV2 dating show have flooded social media to speculate that their clear difference inlove languagecould cause their end.

Fans think Luca and Gemma have different "love languages"

Fans think Luca and Gemma have differentlove languagesCrédit: Érotème
Many speculated the couple wouldn't work due to the difference of opinion

Many speculated the couple wouldn’t work due to the difference of opinionCrédit: Érotème

Île de l'amour viewers watched on last night as [object Window], 19, was left furious over Lucas, 23, chatting with her ex Jacques O'Neill.

The rugby star had suggested to Lucas that Gemma can be “contrôler” in stopping her beau from going out on the weekends.

It caused friction between the pairand when Luca leaned in to reassure the pro horse rider with a kiss, she pushed him away.

Fans couldn’t help but notice the fish seller’s love for physical contact, as well as Gemma being repulsed by his cuddly nature.


Love Island fans convinced TWO islanders will be dumped in shock twist


Love Island fans convinced TWO islanders will be dumped in shock twist

The five love languages are known as words of affirmation, physical touch, receiving gifts, quality time and acts of service.

Viewers were certain that Luca’s wasphysical touch”, and joked it couldn’t bemore opposite” à [object Window], making themincompatible”.

Gemma and Luca are not compatible,” one kicked off the debate on Twitter. “His love language is touch and she’s so cold.

Luca’s love language has got to be physical touch, and Gemma’s is everything but,” a second echoed.

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Un troisième a accepté: “People are saying Gemma doesn’t like Luce butshe is an introvert with a different love language than him.

I think the issue is that Luca is very touchy. His love language is physical touch clearly,” a fourth concluded.

It comes as a body language expert claimed Gemma Owen could dump Luca for someone else, but he’d STILL take her back.

Darren Stanton has revealed the key signs that prove Gemma knows sheholds all the powerin their relationship.

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The pair had their first argument after Ekin-Su told Luca that Gemma said her head could be turned in the villa.

Then last night Gemma’s heart rate was raised the most by her ex-boyfriend Jacquesmaking Luca spiral into a meltdown.

Speaking to The Sun on behalf of Betfair Casino, Darren said: “Gemma knows that she has Luca wrapped around her little finger and she adopts quite dominant body language.

You’ll notice she often places her hands on top of her head or behind her head when she is sitting or lying downthis is usually a dominant male gesture and signifies extreme confidence.

It’s often contextual too, meaning Gemma won’t always position herself like this in certain situations, pourtant, when around Luca she does because she knows she is totally and utterly in charge.

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“By comparison, Luca adopts more introverted gestures and shows many signs of self-reassurance.

“Par exemple, we often see him hugging himself or touching himself, like running his hands through his hair, during his conversations with Gemmasuch behaviour signifies the insecurities he feels around her.”

Fans think Luca and Gemma may split up over the love language issue

Fans think Luca and Gemma may split up over the love language issueCrédit: Érotème