Svelati i ragazzi di Casa Amor di Love Island – e uno ha un papà famoso in tutto il mondo

LOVE Island last night switched on the lights at Casa Amorthe separate villa that so often spells doom for even the most secure couples.

This time, the girls are moving out of the main house and these are the boys who are going to tempt them.

Qui, we run down the lads looking to tempt Gemma Owen, Paige Thorne, Indiya Polack and the others into bringing them home to Isola dell'amore permanently

Accounts master Deji is hoping to get his numbers up in Casa Amor

Accounts master Deji is hoping to get his numbers up in Casa AmorCredito: ITV

Deji Adeniyi

25, from Bedford

Accounts manager Deji explained that he was going on Love Island becausemy sex life is amazing but my love life is awful”.

He insisted: “I am the master of failed talking stages. My love life isn’t going the right way so one night I decided to apply and now I’m here!”

He also appears to have read Davide’s Guide To Relationshipsinsisting that his secret to winning girlshearts is bynot giving them attention”.

Deji said: “You give them 100% and girls know they’ve got you and then they start losing interest.

Jack Keating is Ronan Keating's son with first wife Yvonne

Jack Keating is Ronan Keating’s son with first wife YvonneCredito: ITV

Jack Keating

23, from Dublin

Yes you do recognise that name and that face and that is actual Ronan Keating‘s actual son.

Speaking about his famous Boyzone papà, the social media marketer added: “Yeah my dad is a singer.

He will be watching when I’m on it for sure. He’s buzzing for me, me and my dad are very close, we’re best mates.

Jack said he’s willing to smash up the exisiting couples withsome good chat and a bit of Irish charm as well”.

Labourer George says he's looking to find his second ever girlfriend

Labourer George says he’s looking to find his second ever girlfriendCredito: ITV

George Tasker

23, from the Cotswolds

Handily for someone with just three days to bag a relationship, labourer George says he falls in love easily.

Lui ha spiegato: “I wear my heart on my sleeve. If I get on with someone and I’m attracted to them, I can immediately think that she is the one.

I’ve been single now for three years. I had a relationship with a girl from Australiamy only girlfriend.

It was a long distance relationship so 10,000 miles apart for almost three years. I’m a lot more mature now and I know what I want in a relationship.

Essex lad Josh is a model who says he's looking for something serious

Essex lad Josh is a model who says he’s looking for something seriousCredito: ITV

Josh Samuel Le Grove

22, from Essex

Josh is one of two models sent into Casa Amor to try and turn the girls’ teste.

Egli ha detto: “If I were to settle down with someone it would be seriousI would give them 100%.

Personality wise, I’m looking for someone who can stick up for themselves and hold their own.

Up for a laugh, funny and doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

Samuel Agbiji insists stupidity is one of his biggest turn-offs

Samuel Agbiji insists stupidity is one of his biggest turn-offsCredito: ITV

Samuel Agbiji

22, from Manchester

And here’s the other model. Samuel has promised to be upbeat, deliver good vibes, cook lasagneand tread on toes.

He insisted tonight: “If she’s single then I have every right to do that.

The same way I’d expect you to do it to me if you wanted to get to know a girl that I was in conversation with.

Ha aggiunto: “I find intelligence attractive so if someone is actually really dumb to the point where they don’t have common sense, that’s a turn off.

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Billy Brown says he's coming to Casa Amor because he hasn't found The One yet

Billy Brown says he’s coming to Casa Amor because he hasn’t found The One yetCredito: ITV

Billy Brown

23, from Surrey

Roofing company owner Billy is no stranger to a grand gesture.

Lui ha spiegato: “The most romantic thing I’ve done is I asked a girl out with candles. I laid out across the garden ‘will you be my girlfriend?’ in candles.

I got her to look out the window and see it on the grass. It took an hour to set up!”

Spoiler alert: it actually worked – bene, for a time!

Ha aggiunto: “Since I split with my girlfriend around a year ago, I just thought I won’t take it too seriously.

If I find someone, I find someone, if not then I’ll do my own thing. I haven’t really found that one yet I don’t think.

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