Love Island の Dami が新たな確執を明らかに

LOVE Island’s Dami Hope has revealed a new feud after one islander quit their WhatsApp group.

The 26-year-old placed third alongside his girlfriend インディヤ・ポラック, 22, on this year’s series of the ITV2 show.

Love Island's Dami Hope has revealed a new feud between islanders

Love Island’s Dami Hope has revealed a new feud between islandersクレジット: エロテメ
(Bottom L-R) アンドリュー・ル・ページ, Jacques O'Neill, Luca Bish and Dami Hope are those who made up of the 'fantastic four' group

(Bottom L-R) アンドリュー・ル・ページ, ジャック・オニール, Luca Bish and Dami Hope are those who made up of the ‘fantastic four’ グループクレジット: レックス

Earlier today the microbiologist opened up about who is still friends with who on The Capital XTRA Breakfast show.

Host Robert Bruce asked the hunk: ” 量, is there a WhatsApp group chat for the boys? Ekin-Su told us she’s in one with Indiyah and other girls…

Dami replied: “There’s a WhatsApp group chat with boys just ‘fantastic four’.

An intrigued Robert asked who was in the chat.

Dami explained: “アンドリュー, ルカ, ジャック.

But I feel like Andrew’s probably like you know, separated himself so it’s like fantastic three…but it’s still fantastic four at heart, but you know the situation so…”

It comes just days after Andrewwho placed fourth alongside Tasha Ghouriunfollowed Jacques O’Neill after bullying accusations.

The estate agent showed his support for his girlfriend ターシャ, 23, who revealed her true feelings for rugby player ジャック, 23, by sensationally unfollowing him on social media yesterday.

Jacques came under fire for appearing to mock Tasha in a new video.

The supportive boyfriend quickly followed suit and removed Jacques from his social media friends list.

数日後 Andrew broke his silence after unfollowing Jacques.

Speaking about distancing himself from the rugby player, Andrew said on Heat’s Under The Duvet : 「ええ, it obviously is true [I unfollowed Jacques].’

“Tasha is my priority and obviously there was a video that came out. We’re trying to move away from it all and just be ourselves and get on with life.”

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