Love Island’s Indiyah takes swipe at Andrew & Tasha has a surprising response

LOVE Island’s Indiyah Polack has taken a very cheeky swipe at her co-star Andrew Le Page.

这位 23 岁的 posted a snap of her wearing a T-shirt showing breasts with nipple piercings that were joined by a chain.

Indiyah made a cheeky dig at Andrew

Indiyah made a cheeky dig at Andrew
Andrew was in hot water after casa amor

Andrew was in hot water after casa amor信用: 情色

Indiyah couldn’t resist having a jab at Andrew’s saucy session with Coco Lodge during Casa Amor.

Licked her tit or whatever…”, Indiyah captioned the post.

Andrew is yet to comment publicly, but his girlfriend Tasha had a surprising response.

She laughed: “AHAHAHA. THE CAPTION. You’re so beautiful I miss your face.

The moment caused huge drama in the villa after Andrew confessed to getting intimate with Coco in bed.

He told Tasha: “So me and Coco kissed in bed and whatever, I didn’t think there was much more to it.

But yeah basically she’s told the guys that I like sucked her t**ts or whatever.

A gobsmacked Tasha just stared as Andrew looked like a deer caught in headlights.

The blonde model then stormed off to the girls to let them know what happened, and they were all beside themselves.

But she appeared to be over it as she left a light-hearted comment on Indiyah’s post.

当天早些时候 Indiyah’s T-shirt caused controversy with fans when she was slammed for wearing an inappropriate T-shirt to meet her boyfriend Dami’s GRANDMA.

She embraced Dami’s grandparent as they met for the first time earlier today.

Dami was forced to hit back at trolls who criticised what she was wearing.

Filming the moment IndiyahDami’s grandmother had a hug, Dami explained: “She changed her outfit and put on perfume just to meet this girl.

After sharing the happy moment on Instagram, Dami later addressed the comments he’d been sent as he delivered a warning on social media.

Obviously stop coming at my girl,” said Dami.

Because I told her to wear this, this spectacular top.

Pointing to the quirky design, Indiyah explained: “This is in light of Dami losing his nipple piercing.

Dami insisted to followers: “My grandmother loves it so, we don’t care.

Indiyah's top came under scrutiny

Indiyah’s top came under scrutiny
The women shared a special moment

The women shared a special moment
Dami wasn't impressed by the reaction

Dami wasn’t impressed by the reaction