Love Island’s Lacey Edwards hints at SPLIT with Deji Adeniyi

LOVE Island star Lacey Edwards has hinted that she’s SPLIT with Deji Adeniyi after revealing he’s NOT asked her out on a date.

The bombshell pair had coupled up on the ITV2 dating show shortly before they were dumpedand were seen sharing a steamy snog as they vowed to get to know each other.

Lacey suggested she and Deji had already SPLIT as they failed to go on a date

Lacey suggested she and Deji had already SPLIT as they failed to go on a dateCrédito: Rex
The stars were seen locking lips during a picnic last month

The stars were seen locking lips during a picnic last monthCrédito: Rex

Deji Adeniyi and Lacey Edwards were dumped from Love Island together shortly after their bombshell arrival last month.

They were deemed theleast compatibleby viewers – com Nathalia Campos e Reece Ford also waving goodbye in the dumping.

Just days before, Deji, 25, and Lacey were spotted heading out on a steamy picnic date where they leant in for a passionate snog.

The singletons locked lips before coupling up, as Lacey insisted that they would bereally good togetheras a couple.

Contudo, agora Lacey, 25, has hinted that her romance with Deji has already come to an endand he’s NOT asked her out on a date.

She exclusively told the Sun Online: “Right now it’s just really difficult to see each other but me and Deji face time pretty much every day.

We’re still talking, he just hasn’t asked me out on a date yetI’m not happy about that. I’m waiting for it and I keep hinting. Dej come on!”

It comes after Love Island fans were left convinced that Deji and Lacey had already split up as they haven’t been seen together since.

On their exit, the dumped couple insisted they were keen tosee where things wentbetween them as they went out together.

Are you upset that I didn’t kiss you properly last night,” Lacey could be heard asking her date, before explaining: “I did have a red lip on.

You can make up for it though, you can redeem yourself from last night,” Deji replied before their steamy kiss.

Lacey then told the cameras during her exit interview just over a week ago: “I am excited to see what happens with me and Deji.


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Mas, instead of being seen with Lacey, Deji has been busy taking to social media to discuss his brief romance with Índia polaca.

One fan kickstarted the debate on Twitter: “Has Deji even said Lacey’s name since leaving the villa? Every day Indiyah.

Outro entrou na conversa: “Whenever he talks about Lacey he does so with so much ‘depression’, there’s no excitement. Contudo, his commentary on Indiyah takes up most of his interviews.

A third agreed: “The way he’s done interview tours about Indiyah, I doubt they are still together.

While a fourth said alongside a cry-faced emoji: “I bet Lacey hasn’t spoken to Deji since they landed in Luton airport.

Anteriormente, Love Island fans slammed Lacey as “falso” enquanto eles insisted she was using Deji to stay in the villa.