Love Island’s Millie in tears after defensive Liam laughs at betrayal

LOVE Island’s Millie was left sobbing tonight after Liam laughed and played down his fling with Lillie in Casa Amor.

Fans watched in horror as Lillie spilled the beans on her ‘connection’ con Liam just moments after he reunited with Millie.

Love Island's Liam smirked as Lillie revealed they kissed and shared a bed

Love Island’s Liam smirked as Lillie revealed they kissed and shared a bedCrédito: ITV
The revelation devastated Millie

The revelation devastated MillieCrédito: ITV

As Millie watched in shock, Lillie told Isla del amor host Laura Whitmore: “I feel I had a good connection the second I got in there and I feel it was very reciprocated.

Very 50/50and I’m surprised Im standing here right now.

Confirming her connection was with Liam, Ella continuó: “Siento que las acciones fueron bastante iguales. Compartimos una cama juntos, besar fuera de los desafíos.”

Liam luego sonrió as Millie replied: “¿Estás bromeando??”

Millie told Liam he was “repugnante” while he smirked and whispered: “I’ll talk to you later. I’ll talk to you later.

Ignoring him, Millie shot back: “You should have just come back with her, no deberías?”

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But rather than apologise, Liam shrugged his actions off and insisted that he had explained to Lillie that he was with Millie when they grew close in Casa Amor.

Millie later broke down in tears to the girls as what she’d heard began to sink in.

We sat there and I was so happy and then it just switched. Como, I’ve gone from being the happiest I’ve been in the past four days and now I’m f***ing crying,” she sobbed.

I knew I shouldn’t have trusted him. He’s fake. He obviously didn’t think what we had was good enough.

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Fans were horrified by Liam’s behaviour at the recoupling, con uno tuiteando: “The audacity of Liam coming back all smug like nothing has happened, thank god Lillie exposed him bcos wow Liam wasn’t gonna say a word was he.

Otro agregado: “Liam is a villainnnnnnnn I’m so glad Lillie told everyone what was actually happening because he was sitting there sooooo smug.

Speaking in the Beach Hut, Millie later admitted: “I’m embarrassed. I just feel mugged off. My head is gone now.

Lillie said she was 'shocked' that Liam returned to Millie

Lillie said she was ‘shockedthat Liam returned to MillieCrédito: ITV
Millie branded Liam 'disgusting' while he smiled

Millie branded Liam ‘disgustingwhile he smiledCrédito: ITV
He smirked to the rest of the boys once the recoupling was over

He smirked to the rest of the boys once the recoupling was over