Paige von Love Island hat eine überraschende Reaktion auf Ex-Jacques in der Reunion-Show – hast du es bemerkt??

LOVE Island viewers spotted Paige Thorne’s surprise reaction to ex Jacques O’Neill on the reunion show.

In last night’s pre-filmed episode all of this year’s Liebesinsel stars came together for the first time since leaving the villa.

Luca Bish was asked about his bromance with Jacques O'Neill on the reunion show

Luca Bish was asked about his bromance with Jacques O’Neill on the reunion showAnerkennung: ITV
Viewers spotted Paige Thorne's surprise reaction to ex Jacques

Viewers spotted Paige Thorne’s surprise reaction to ex JacquesAnerkennung: ITV

Host Laura Whitmore caught up with the couples, with the host asking Luca Bish, 23, about his bromance with fellow Islander Jacques O’Neill.

The presenter asked fishmonger Luca if he had reunited with the rugby player since the show ended.

Luca revealed that he FaceTime Jacques immediately after leaving the villa and were in tears as they re-watched Jacquesemotional leaving scenes together.

The camera then cut to Welsh paramedic Paige, who look less than impressed with the conversation and screws up her nose.

Eagle-eyed fans quickly noticed the reaction on Paige’s face and took to Twitter to comment.

Man schrieb: “Did anyone see Paige’s face when Jacques was mentioned? #Liebesinsel”

Ein anderer hat gepostet: “Oooh fix your face Paige! #Liebesinsel”

Did we all just see Paige’s face,” sagte ein anderer.

Paige pulling an odd reaction to Jacquesname being mentioned,” a fourth echoed.

It comes after fans insisted Dami Hoffnung und India Polack will split following amiserableappearance on Sunday night’s reunion show.

Dami snapped at Laura’s question, when asked if he and Indiyah still wake up together and appeared irritated throughout the show.

Einer schrieb auf Twitter: “Dami looks SO miserable I don’t think he’s even smiled once, I really don’t think him and Indiyah will last.

Ein anderer sagte: “Why is Dami so miserable?”

Und ein dritter hinzugefügt: “Dami as miserable as always zero personality dull as dishwater no style whatsoever I hope Indiyah finds someone more suitable and fun.

A fourth said: “It looks like Dami and Indiyah had a row before they came on the reunion show?! #Liebesinsel”

Others said Dami came across asmoodyand like he’d been “gezwungen” to be there.

But responding the concerns from fans, Dami insisted he was just tired while filming the episode.

Der Rat ist befugt, einen Fall vor das Amtsgericht zu bringen, wenn er entscheidet, dass es sich um eine gesetzlich vorgeschriebene Belästigung handelt

Er schrieb: “Pls pls I was happy just legit no energy, exhausted after carrying the show for 2 Monate. I’m fighting for my life to keep my eyes open.

Dami did confess hewas in no moodto shoot the reunion, Hinzufügen: “At all at all, thought I’d have a 2 weeks of rest at least.