Love IslandのTasha GhouriとAndrew Le Pageは、ショーを離れてから2か月後に一緒に引っ越しました

LOVE Island’s Tasha Ghouri and Andrew Le Page have taken their relationship to the next level by moving in together.

The couple met on this year’s series of the ITV2 dating show and left the villa together two months ago.

Tasha and Andrew have taken the big step of moving in together

Tasha and Andrew have taken the big step of moving in togetherクレジット: Wireimage
The couple came fourth in this year's Love Island

The couple came fourth in this year’s Love Island

Clearly not wasting any time, アンドリュー, 27, today revealed they’d moved into their new home – ファンに言った ターシャ, 24, had left all all the heavy lifting to him.

彼は言った: “Today is moving day, buzzing. But guess whatI’m doing it all by myself because Tasha’s decided to go get her hair done.

“困惑. A day where we need to be together to do this. だが, ショック, she is getting her hair done.

He gave his followers a quick look around one of the rooms and added: “とにかく, this is a mess at the moment. But today is moving day.

彼は後で言った: “Alright people, we’ve officially moved ineven though I’ve done all the work.

The big step comes after Tasha and Andrewwho came fourth in this year’s Love Islandspoke about getting married.

They teased fans in a YouTube video as they strolled around the stunning gardens of a spa hotel where they were staying.

Tasha said: “So we are going for a little walk around the gardens.

It’s a perfect day for a wedding,” she teased, before panning in at Andrew.

He’s not even listening, she giggled.

It’s so lovely. It’s got little art sculptures over there.

It has loads of greenery for walks, “she said before cosying up to Andrew.

アンドリューは言った: “ショック, Tasha’s talking about weddings again.

彼女は言いました: “No I’m not. I’m just stating the obvious.

アンドリューは言った: “She secretly wants me to ask her, but there’s no secret about it. It’s just not going to happen right now.

Tasha joked: “It’s the perfect spot here.