Luxury life of teen millionaire with 7 房屋 & even dogs have bedroom each

A TEEN who grew up with nothing became a millionaire at 19 and now has seven homeseven her dogs have a bedroom each.

Linsey Donovan didn’t have much money growing up in Marylandbut now she’s worth a whopping $5million.

Linsey Donovan made her first million at 19

Linsey Donovan made her first million at 19信用: Instagram的 / Linsey Donovan
The young entrepreneur invested all her hard-earned cash into the property market

The young entrepreneur invested all her hard-earned cash into the property market信用: Instagram的 / Linsey Donovan

The young entrepreneur moved to Florida as soon she was 18 and turned to social media to make money.

She streamed shows daily to her thousands of followers and instead of spending the cash onhandbags and clothes”, she saved it all to buy her first home.

现在, Linsey owns seven homes and has a property portfolio worth $5million.

I made my first million by the age of 19 岁. I’ve bought seven houses in total now and now my portfolio is worth millions of dollars,” 她告诉 Truly.

Linsey has been lapping up her newfound wealth and currently lives in a plush $2m mansion that’s so big her dogs have their own bedrooms.

Her bedroom, which is painted pink and decked out too look like Barbie’s room, 是 2,000 平方英尺, which is the size of a home, she told Truly.

And she has a make-up stash worth over $50,000.

In addition to her dogs, she owns a hairy hamster called Mr Hefner a duck, and a bunch of chickens.

My lifestyle is super glamorous, top-notch Barbie lifestyle,” 她说.

Linsey made her money posing in glamorous outfits, anything from bikinis to lingerie and or whatever clients requested.

I know I’m living everyone’s dream life right now but I am working so hard.

I probably change my clothes at least five times a day on a daily basis.

I get bored wearing the same outfit, as you’ll see.

I think I’ve spent $50,000 in shoes and since I was 16 I’ve probably spent definitely over $100,000 on clothes, easily.

Linsey’s most prized possession is a Barbie doll she took the day she moved out of her parent’s home and is a reminder of humble roots.

This Barbie is actually from my 18th Birthday. I actually moved out of my parents house on my birthdaythe day I turned 18. I packed up the car. I had no money but I ended up making my way down to Florida and this is a reminder to me.

I’ve gotten pretty far in life.

她继续: “I never had any money growing up but it really made me appreciate the value of a dollar.

Linsey’s parents Mary and Vincent said their daughteralways wanted to make money”.

From a young age, Linseyalways wanted a lot out of life. She wanted a big mansion house,” and got into modelling at 15 and saw her fanbase grow over the years.

Linsey then moved to livestreaming where she’s paid between $600 和 $2000 一天.

But it’s investing into real estate that makes Linsey the big bucks.

Investing money into real estate is the best decision I’ve ever made. Overall my portfolio is worth $5million,” 她说.

I’ve bought over seven houses now, starting with no credit, no parents’ 帮助, no help from anybodyjust myself.

The biggest deal I’ve ever got had to be $750,000 in equity,” which she’s looking to use to buy her parents a multi-million-dollar home in Florida so she can be next to them.

Linsay has big plans for the future and is aiming to get into commercial real estate.

I still pinch myself and I’m like ‘Oh my God, I’m waking up in this Barbie dream house’.

I didn’t have anyone to guide me. You have to be smart and if you really, really want something, I believe you can make it happen.

Linsay's home is so big her dogs have their own bedrooms

Linsay’s home is so big her dogs have their own bedrooms信用: Instagram的 / Linsey Donovan
Linsay is currently worth $5m

Linsay is currently worth $5m信用: linsey99_official/Instagram