MAFS shocked at dramatic u-turn of one rocky couple

MARRIED At First Sight UK fans were stunned at groom Kwame’s dramatic u-turn with Kasiaas it emerged he DOES want to have sex with his bride.

Viewers have watched as Kwame was kicked out of their apartment after he put a sex ban on Kasia.

Kasia seduced Kwame with a  steamy massage

Kasia seduced Kwame with a steamy massage
Kwame had a massive u-turn on tonight's show

Kwame had a massive u-turn on tonight’s showKrediet: Eroteme

Verlede week, fans watched on as Kwame was put in his place by his bride Kasia about their sex banas she revealed she had kicked him out after he toldthe dinner party they had not had sex ‘because of him.

Die paartjie – who were married on the E4 dating show earlier this monthare yet to get intimate in the bedroom with each other.

While father-of-two Kwame, 42, was keen to take things slow, Kasia, 36, made it clear she would like things to move a little faster.

On Monday night, with the help of the sex expert Charlene, she could be seen seducing her new husband with a massage.

Kwame was blown away by Kasia’s seduction as she straddled him wearing a sheer dressing gown and a thong.

After the therapist left, Kwame could be heard begging Kasia not to stop with the massaging.

He then agreed to move back in their pad to Kasia’s delight as she grinned to the cameras: “It looks like he is finally ready for some intimacy.

Fans flocked to Twitter in disbelief about Kwame’s ‘change of heart.

Een het gesê: “Kwame is going to sleep with Kasia so he can say that he tried. Kasia is gonna catch even more feels and he’s gonna break her heart.

'N Ander het gesê: “Kwame enjoying the massage as long as someone else is in the room, and he can keep his socks on.

'N Derde het gesê: “The real question is did Kwame put out?”

Other fans said Kwame was only flirting with Kasia because he was under pressure from Charlene.

Een het gesê: “Kwame gonna finally pull the trigger & get it on with Kasia? Really hope the fella proves me wrong as I called BS on hisgentlemanact as I believe he doesn’t fancy her.

'N Ander een het ingeklim: “Charlene watching Kasia oiling Kwame up is so SO bizarre. When does she leave? Haha.

Kasia is convinced Kwame is finally ready to have sex

Kasia is convinced Kwame is finally ready to have sexKrediet: Eroteme