MAFS UK’s Jenna breaks her silence after Thomas makes ‘sickdead dad joke

MARRIED At First Sight’s Jenna Robinson has broken her silence after co-star Thomas Hartley was slammed for making a ‘sickjoke about her dead dad.

Jenna has spoken out to thank fans who reached out to her and admitting she was ‘struggling’ depois de Thomas‘ comentários.

Jenna has spoken out after Thomas' podcast comments left fans and the cast disgusted

Jenna has spoken out after Thomaspodcast comments left fans and the cast disgustedCrédito: instagram/jennarobbo
Thomas has apologised on his instagram stories

Thomas has apologised on his instagram storiesCrédito: instragram/thomashartleyofficial

The lesbian reality star, who is still with bride Zoe Clifton after they ‘wed’ sobre the E4 show took to social media this afternoon following the scandal.

She wrote on her instagram stories: “Thank you to those of you who have reached out to check in on me

It really means a lot. Honestly I’m struggling a little with what I’ve heard.

And although for them it’s a laughable joke at my expense, I’m now having to deal with the aftermath of my family potentially hearing what I’ve heard and I’m trying my best to prevent that from happening.

Ela continuou: “As for the so called public ‘apologyit’s yet another stab in the back.

Not an ounce of remorse or respect and just to add I’ve had no personal apology either.

Thomas caused a storm of controversy when he appeared on Cool FM’s What’s Happening podcast.

O Scouse star upset many members of the cast by making a joke about Jenna’s dad, who died during Covid and was unable to walk her down the aisle on the show.

The podcast was taken down and Thomas has since issued a grovelling apology.

He said there wasno excusefor his behaviour and said he will liveeternally with regretover his comments.

Ele disse: “I sincerely apologise for any offence I caused on the podcast. It wasn’t right and I did ask for it to be removed and it wasn’t.

“I take full responsibility and honestly completely regret the situation and what I said. I am honestly so sorry for any pain caused to anyoneThere’s no excuse. I was out of order massively. I will live eternally with regret.”

“I think it’s important to start by saying this podcast is about dark comedy and it’s safe to say after the reaction from people, death threats, accusations and the band wagoning, it’s safe to say I’ve had some very dark thoughts," ele escreveu.

“I have already apologised, but the damage is done and for those personally affected by the podcast, I am extremely sorry. The lines between comedy and insensitivity were massively blurred. I was genuinely too comfortable and said the complete wrong thing.

“To the trolls, those threatening my family and friends, you should be ashamed of yourselves. I’m taking a break from social media for a few days.”

Mais tarde, Thomas appeared in tears on his instagram stories following more backlash.

He sobbed: “Just to say when you’re sending these messages, what would you do if you sent a really f***ing awful message and the next minute someone had killed themselves.

It comes after another of Thomasco-stars accused him of bullying her.

Jess Potter wrote on her social media: “Imagine a grown man is bullying me… constantly! DAILY.”

The dental hygienist, 31, continued to add: “How can someone who works in mental health think that being nasty about me constantly online, insta lives, insta story’s, podcasts and articles isn’t having an affect on mine…”

MAFS star Jessica accused Thomas of speaking badly about their co-stars on the podcast

MAFS star Jessica accused Thomas of speaking badly about their co-stars on the podcastCrédito: Instagram
Thomas married Adrian on the hit reality show

Thomas married Adrian on the hit reality showCrédito: Simon Johns / CPL Productions