Maisie Smith und Max George schlugen im ersten Fernsehinterview auf die Kritik am Altersunterschied zurück

MAISIE Smith and Max George hit back at critics who have questioned their age gap as they appeared in their first TV interview today.

Das EastEnders star, 21, and The Wanted singer, 34, sat down on Loose Women to discuss their romance – and plans for the future.

Maisie Smith and Max George appeared on Loose Women today

Maisie Smith and Max George appeared on Loose Women todayAnerkennung: Rex
The pair discussed their age gap

The pair discussed their age gapAnerkennung: Rex

Maisie insisted comments about their difference in age didn’t bother her, Sprichwort: “The people we allow in our lives are so happy. My mum has never seen me so happy. That’s all that really matters to me.”

Max hinzugefügt: “It’s a shame when it tries to make it look like we have done something wrong.

The star recalled how calm Max has made her feel when they last appeared on Freizügige Frauen – just as friends.

Sie sagte: “We’ve known each other for two years he’s always been a good friend. I always get nervous for interviews.

“I remember I was pacing, Denken “what if I could go blank?” He was the only person who could zen me. We’ve always had a nice bond and trust.”

Max admitted they were so close before they started dating, telling the panel: “When we had the Strictly tour, she told me everythingfar too much. About boys, stuff that I don’t want to know!”

Looking to the future and their plans to Christmas, Maisie shared: “We’re going to live in London, he’s got somewhere in Manchester which I’m doing up.

“I’m doing a tour at the moment for Striclty Ballroom. At Christmas we’re in Guilford, so I’m going to drag Max and my family and we’re going to stay in a cabin.

“I bought a little tree from Pound Land and we’re going to make it really nice.”

The loved-up couple talked about being inseparable

The loved-up couple talked about being inseparable