Maisie Smith in hospital for operation with boyfriend Max George by her side

MAX George proved he was the doting boyfriend as he supported Maisie Smith following an opeartion.

The Wanted hitmaker, 34, and his former イーストエンダーズ star girlfriend Maisie, 21, have been inseperable in recent weeks.

Max shared a clip of her post op

Max shared a clip of her post op
The pair have received criticism for their relationship

The pair have received criticism for their relationshipクレジット: レックス

The popstar stood be Maisie’s side as she underwent a dental operation on her wisdom tooth.

マックス shared a clip to his Instagram story of his girlfriend as she held an ice-pack against one side of her face and mouth.

Maisie’s speech was slurred as a result of the operation and the numbness to her mouth as the pair chatted about the procedure.

Max asked her sweetly: “Are you okay?

Maisie replied in a muffled tone: “はい,” before she appeared to say: “I can taste blood.

Max began to giggle behind the camera as he got Maisie to repeat herself.

The Glad You Came singer eventually managed to make out what the starlet was saying after a few attempts at listening in.

In another slurred attempt at speaking, the Tiffany Butcher star then appeared to add: “彼女 [the nurse] said I was really courageous.

Maisie later reshared the clip herself as she captioned it: “She said I was really brave.

The pair recently sat down on Loose Women in their first TV interview as a couple to hit back at critics of their age gap love.

Maisie insisted comments about their difference in age didn’t bother her, 言って: “The people we allow in our lives are so happy. My mum has never seen me so happy. That’s all that really matters to me.”

最大追加: “It’s a shame when it tries to make it look like we have done something wrong.

The star recalled how calm マックス has made her feel when they last appeared on ゆるい女性 – just as friends.

彼女は言いました: “We’ve known each other for two years he’s always been a good friend. I always get nervous for interviews.

I remember I was pacing, 考え “what if I could go blank?” He was the only person who could zen me. We’ve always had a nice bond and trust.”

Max admitted they were so close before they started dating, telling the panel: “When we had the Strictly tour, she told me everythingfar too much. About boys, stuff that I don’t want to know!」

Maisie had slurred speech after the op

Maisie had slurred speech after the op
They jetted off after her op

They jetted off after her opクレジット: インスタグラム