Major pub chain closes ‘busiestboozers ‘indefinitelyamid Omicron chaos

A MAJOR pub chain has shut its busiest boozersindefinitelywith the boss blasting the government’spitifulsupport amid the Omicron chaos.

Simon Emeny, chief executive of Fuller Smith and Turner, slammed themixed messagesthe government has been sending out to punters in the run-up to Christmas.

Pubs and restaurants have faced widespread cancellations amid the surge in Covid cases

Pubs and restaurants have faced widespread cancellations amid the surge in Covid cases信用: 功放
Simon Emeny said his pub chain has shut down 20 of its busiest pubs for the foreseeable future

Simon Emeny said his pub chain has shut down 20 of its busiest pubs for the foreseeable future信用: 天空

Professor Chris Witty urged people in England to prioritise social events “that really matter to themas a record 93,000 Brits were infected with coronavirus on Friday.

It means tens of thousands of Brits will be isolating this Christmasand the rapid surge in cases has led to widespread cancellations across the hospitality industry.

Bosses said they have hadno optionbut to close 谢丽尔的哥哥住在帐篷里,在街上乞讨 “double whammyof sick staff and customers staying away over concerns their festive plans could be disrupted.

And it comes amid reports Brits could be banned from mixing indoors under plans being drawn up for a two-week lockdown after Christmas.

After a week of plunging sales, Mr Emeny said his pub chain has now made a decision to close down 20 of its busiest pubs for the foreseeable future.

He told Sky News: “Operating a large number of units in central London, we’re really in the eye of this hospitality challenge.


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Being out last night in the centre, it was very, very quiet. The reality in London is that our sales are currently down between 60 和 80 百分.

“因此, we are closing 20 of what would have been our busiest sites indefinitely.

Mr Emeny blasted the government’spitifulresponse to the struggles of the hospitality industry.

他说: “I think the response has been pitiful and there’s very little financial support for anybody at the moment.

Engagement with the sector over the last three weeks has been very, very lateand very rushed.

He said themixed messagesfrom the government over Omicron areclearly not helpfulfor the hospitality industry.

英国人 are still allowed to hold Christmas parties despite Plan B Covid restrictions being introduced.


Mr Emeny said: “It’s confusing customers, and it’s causing a lot of operational difficulties.

But clearly the government are being given scientific advice and are attempting to navigate this current crisis.

But the only way through this though, having given those mixed messages to customers, is to give financial support to the sector.

Mr Emeny added: “The country needs a vibrant hospitality sector coming out of this.

My worry for everybody at the moment is those staff that aren’t going to be working on Monday who have got families to feed over the Christmas period, who are working for companies who now have zero sales.

Who is going to pay them? How are they going to pay their rent, and how are they going to live over the coming weeks and months?”

The pub chain boss urged the government to providemeaningful financial supportto the hospitality sector.

In light of a possible two-week lockdown, 他说: “Without meaningful financial support, I’m genuinely frightened for many businesses as to how they are going to come through this.

Another lockdown would be catastrophic for the the hospitality industry, with British Chambers of Commerce president Baroness Ruby McGregor-Smith warning: “Businesses now face the two-punch combination of serious issues with staff absence and plummeting consumer confidence.

Furious MPs have called on 里希·苏纳克 to cough up or see businesses go under.

Mr Sunak has returned earlier than planned from a work trip to California to hold crunch talks with hospitality bosses.

Boris Johnson is expected to hold an emergency Covid Cobra meeting this weekend as officials consider proposals for a circuit-breakerwhich would reportedly include a ban on meeting friends and family inside.

Cabinet is expected to be briefed on the latest Covid data this afternoon, although not through a formal cabinet meeting, Sky News reports.

生病的应用程序'UNDRESSES, the idea of imminent restrictions isbeing played down somewhat”, although officials areconcerned about the data”.


Ministers are preparing draft plans that will prevent Brits meeting others indoors except for work purposes, 时代 报告.

Pubs and restaurants would only be allowed to serve outdoors if the scheme is given the green light.

Other reports suggest Mr Johnson has been presented with a range of options for ‘plan C’, 范围从 “mild guidance to nudge people, right through to lockdown”.

Pessimistic Sage scientists have told the Government tougher measures will be neededvery soon”.

Mr Johnson said aconsiderable waveof cases is sweeping inbut stood firm on tougher rules this side of Christmas.

“I’ve said already that people should be cautious, but what we have also said is that people should decide what they want to do. It is a matter for their personal choice,” 他说.

“We are not closing things down but we do think people need to be cautious.”

It comes as the PM told Brits to get their booster jabs as soon as they can, after long snaking queues were seen at vaccine centres across the country.

保持安全并获得保护免受新冠病毒感染的最佳方法是接种疫苗,并敦促所有英国人挺身而出接受加强剂量 保持安全并获得保护免受新冠病毒感染的最佳方法是接种疫苗,并敦促所有英国人挺身而出接受加强剂量 保持安全并获得保护免受新冠病毒感染的最佳方法是接种疫苗,并敦促所有英国人挺身而出接受加强剂量.

An empty bar in London's Covent Garden

An empty bar in London’s Covent Garden信用: 功放

Ireland to shut pubs and restaurants from 8PM in bid to stop Omicron spread