Mama June se dirige a los fanáticos preocupados de que esté "usando’ como estrella' recoge cara’ en TikTok

MAMA June Shannon addressed fan’s fears she’s ‘still using drugsduring a TikTok Live celebrating two years of sobriety after she was spotted picking her skin.

The reality star was arrested on drug charges en 2019.

Mama June addressed fans concern that she is 'still using' during a TikTok Live

Mama June addressed fans concern that she is ‘still usingduring a TikTok LiveCrédito: Tik Tok
She has been open about her drug use following her 2019 arrestar

She has been open about her drug use following her 2019 arrestarCrédito: Chapoteo

Mama June took to TikTok to go Live on Thursday, chatting with fans about her struggles with addiction, her relationship with her children, her reality show, y más.

Throughout the discussion, Mama June appeared to be picking at her face.

She favored one spot in particular, repeatedly digging at it with her nails.

Fans were quick to notice, questioning the reality star’s sobriety in the comments.

Mama June ignored the comments until she invited a fan into the video, who also struggled with addiction.

The fan noted: “People are saying you’re not sober because you’re picking your face, just so you know.

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Mama June laughed off the comment, revealing that she was picking ata pimpleon her cheek.

She said it had been giving her trouble, agregando: “It won’t pop.

The fan noted: “I see it and it sees me.

Mama June added that in addition to that pimple, she was struggling with rosacea which left her skin looking read and made the appearance of herpickingseem worse.

She maintained that she is clean and sober today and has not had a relapse or set back in two years.

Mama June was famously arrested with then-boyfriend Geno Doak en marzo 2019.

The pair were hit with possession charges.

The former Toddlers and Tiaras star addressed her contentious relationship with Geno during her live.


She confessed that when they first connected, he demanded she be sober.

Mama June claimed he had just gotten out of celda at the time and didn’t want the temptation.

Leer más sobre El Sol, they were both using.

It started with cocaine and escalated quickly to crack.

Among the many claims Mama June made about Geno Doak was that he was an IV drug user.

She accused him of leaving needles around her home, which daughter Pumpkin saw.

The discovery led to her removing younger sister Alana from the home.

Mama June also revealed that she and Geno were spending a significant amount of time in Alabama casinos.

She noted that drugs were “En todas partes” y ella “was using quite a bit.She was filming Mama June: From Hot to Not at the time.

I was spending like $250,000 at those casinos, como, in four months,” ella dijo.

Mama June confessed: “I’m not a downer person. So cocaine gave me the ability to be able to do amazing stuff.

She got sober to film Marriage Bootcamp and stayed sober when shestarted having my surgeries” en 2016.

By the end of the year, sin embargo, she was back on drugs to cope with the pain of a brief split with Geno.

She said on her Live: “I started using molly for almost four months – then Geno and I got back together and we started using cocaine.

Their addiction began asa gram here, two grams there.

It then spiraled into the hundreds of thousands of dollars spent that she mentioned.

Mama June acknowledged: “It kept progressing very fast.

Todavía, she believed she had her addictionunder control.

It wasn’t until production stepped in and her family became aware of her struggles that things changed.

Production captured the height of Mama June’s addiction on From Hot to Not, including fallout within her family and the drama surrounding her arrest.

The show also featured a look at her intervention.

Mama June celebrated two years sober on Thursday.

She said during her live that she intends to share more on the upcoming season of her family’s reality show. She also hopes to continue to connect with fans in Live videos.

Mama June spoke about her addiction and her rocky romance with Geno Doak

Mama June spoke about her addiction and her rocky romance with Geno DoakCrédito: nosotros!
She confessed that she used close to $250,000 on drugs in four months

She confessed that she used close to $250,000 on drugs in four monthsCrédito: nosotros!
She has since moved on and is dating Justin Stroud

She has since moved on and is dating Justin StroudCrédito: Mega

Mama June and boyfriend Geno confess they spent $150K on cocaine in just six months as they enter rehab