mamá junio: Camino a la redención – como puedo verlo y cuando sale?

MAMA June’s popular TV show returned to We TV in 2022 for its sixth season.

This season, Mama June is opening up about struggles with her growing daughter, Alana Thompson.

Mama June and her daughters

Mama June and her daughters

How can I watch Mama June: Camino a la redención?

Estación 6 of Mama June: Road to Redemption began on Friday, Mayo 13, 2022.

The new season focuses on Honey Boo Boo’s controversial relationship with Dralin Carswell y Mama June’s new man.

Estación 5 marked the first time June made a television appearance since her admittance to rehab for drug usage.

¿Cómo hizo esto?

Mama June's daughter Pumpkin SLAMS troubled mom as a 'f**king terrible person'

Otros la criticaron por no cuidar los dientes de su hija después de la cirugía.

La hija de Mama June, Pumpkin, SLAMS a la madre con problemas como una 'jodida persona terrible'’

After leaving her daughters, LaurynPumpkinEfird and youngest Alana Thompson, better known as Honey Boo Boo, June is back and looking to reconcile with her family.

mamá junio: Road to Redemption can be watched live on We Tv Fridays at 9pm EST.

What’s going on with Pumpkin?

Cuándo June and Geno left for rehab, Pumpkin had taken on quite the burden, dealing with caring for both her younger sister and daughter Ella Grace.

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Pumpkin's husband goes on hunt for Honey Boo Boo, 16, después de que ella se salta el toque de queda


El marido de Pumpkin va a la caza de Honey Boo Boo, 16, después de que ella se salta el toque de queda

A través de los años, Pumpkin has voiced her opinions about her mother, which are seen during this season of Road to Redemption.

En junio 2022, Pumpkin was seen calling her motherf**king terriblefor not being there for her kids.

She’s a f**king terrible person. We all see that Mama’s not gonna change,” she said during an episode.

Lauryn then went on to claim that June ruined her sister’s 16th birthday, agregando eso “Alana wants her mom so bad, but it just can’t happen.

I don’t think June wants to come back at this point like it was,” Pumpkin’s aunt Doe Doe added.

“quiero decir, I hope she does, pero…sabes. If I was gonna put a bet on it, I would say she likes what she’s doing now.

Mama, Geno, and Honey Boo Boo

Mama, Geno, and Honey Boo BooCrédito: Getty

How is Mama June doing now?

As a result of June’s past, she lost custody of Alana to Lauryn.

“Alana made that choice to stay in that environment,” June told Página seis.

She went on to claim that there was no specific incident that led to the court granting Lauryn custody.

“People don’t understand the custody thing. It’s not like somebody ‘lost custody.’ In the state of Georgia, you do temporary guardianship every year and [Alana] had been with [Lauryn] in my addiction," ella dijo.

"Bien, a la edad de 12, you’re able to make your choice.”

Durante la entrevista, June revealed that she has agood” relación con ella eldest daughters, Jessica y Anna, and still communicates with Alana frequently.

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“…I do see her, I do talk to her. We do communicate. So it wasn’t like any difference. The only difference is she’s not sitting right here beside me in my home every day,” June continued.

Según la página seis, June was ordered to pay Lauryn $800 per month in child support until Alana turns 18.