El hombre lleva la balanza al restaurante & encuentra que la harina de bistec de 6 oz es la mitad del tamaño

A MAN whipped out his own set of scales at a restaurant to prove his steak was underweightand found that his meal was HALF the size it was meant to be.

Antonio Chacon had been out for a birthday meal with his family at Texas Roadhouse in Pueblo, Colorado, when he ordered his go-to ribs and steak, with fries and mashed potato.

Antonio Chacon was out for dinner with his family in Colorado, nosotros

Antonio Chacon was out for dinner with his family in Colorado, nosotrosCrédito: Kennedy Noticias
He whipped out his own set of SCALES and weighed it at his table - before shaming the restaurant online

He whipped out his own set of SCALES and weighed it at his tablebefore shaming the restaurant onlineCrédito: Kennedy Noticias

As the 22-year-old’s food was brought from the kitchen, he noticed the sirloin seemedreally small.

Antonio says he then ran out to his car and brought back his weighing scales from his toolbox, placing them on the table in front of him as the waiter looked on inshock.

He then complained that the 6oz sirloin steak actually weighed 3.68oz, almost half the weight it had been advertised as, before posting a picture online naming and shaming the restaurant.

The post has now attracted more than 16,000 reactions and 92,000 Comparte – however numerous social media users branded it themost Karen thing ever,” pointing out that the listed weight of meat is BEFORE cooking, not afterwards.

But the customer remains unperturbed by the revelation and insists a steak should not shrink that much after cookingurging other restaurant-goers to carry scales with them so they too can weigh their meat before eating.

Antonio, from Pueblo, in Colorado, nosotros, dicho: “It’d been my birthday. I ordered the ribs and steak. I got a 6oz steak and when they brought it, it looked really small.

I’ve eaten there before and I know my steaks. I’d never really thought about weighing it [antes de].

If it’s 6oz steak, you’d have thought it’d be 6oz no matter whateven when it’s cooked.


Antonio claims he then rushed out to his car, bringing back small electronic weighing scales to measure the meat under the waiter’s watch.

Antonio said: “I told the manager and waiter. They didn’t believe me that it didn’t look right.

I went with my mum, padre, girlfriend and my brothers and my two stepdaughters. They were laughing.

My dad said ‘go get that scale we just got’. I grabbed it and I did ask permission. I made sure I asked the main manager because I would have felt disrespectful doing that if I hadn’t.

I asked the manager ‘do you think I can weigh it?’ She said ‘yes, no problem. Go ahead’.

I ran to my car. I had the scales in my toolbox in my trunk.

I went to my trunk, grabbed it and used the paper wrap. I ripped a piece off, put that on the scale then I put the steak on.

It weighed 3.6oz. The waiter was like ‘oh, it’ll weigh 4oz or 5oz’. I said ‘no, this looks small. It looks like a children’s meal’. I’d ordered an adult meal.

That was the first time it’d happened, but then again I hadn’t thought about weighing it before.

I never knew steak shrunk. I guess it does a little bit, but it shouldn’t shrink that much.

A Texas Roadhouse is a pretty high-end restaurant and you’d think you’d get 6oz if you order 6oz.

I’d definitely advise others to do this in the future to avoid getting caught out.


After his complaint and weighing the meat, Antonio claims the staff kindly remade his meal and even asked the master chef to bring out his food.

Antonio said: “They gave me a discount. The waiter was even shocked. He said ‘damn, you’re right’.

I said ‘yeah, sé. I’ve ordered this a lot of times to go and I know what 6oz is’.

They even had their master chef bring out a new steak for me. They remade the steak. It looked way bigger and a lot better.

The waiter was a younger guy and he wasn’t that embarrassed because he was young.

The manager was kind of embarrassed and shocked, so she gave me a new steak right away.

Since posting online, Antonio claims some people mocked him, while others claimed they had been inspired to do the same.

Antonio said: “People were talking s**t, then others were getting inspired too.

It was funny. A lot of people were talking stuff saying ‘oh, that’s a drug scale’. It wasn’t.

They said there was white stuff but I had my little brother and he was playing with the salt shaker and everything.

Some social media users commented in disbelief at Antonio’s complaint, pointing out that weight is always pre-cooking, while others joked it was his own fault for ordering his steak well done.

While Antonio asked for his steak cooked well-done, he admits it was a little too overcooked for his taste.

Sal Musto said: “It’s 6oz when you order it then they cook it and it’ll obviously weigh less.

RD McLymore said: “Now I’ve definitely got to bring my scale with me.

Brandon Jones said: “You actually took a scale to a restaurant? If this isn’t the most Karen thing I’ve ever seen then I don’t know what is.

Terry Dedman said: “Don’t order well done and order your steak properly.

Ashley Doherty said: “Your first mistake was getting it well done.

Texas Roadhouse were approached for comment.