Married At First Sight UK first look: Jordan explodes after getting anonymous letter slamming marriage to Chanita

MARRIED At First Sight UK’s Jordan Emmett-Connelly explodes after getting an anonymous letter slamming his marriage to Chanita Stephenson during tonight’s episode.

The pair tied the knot as part of this year’s series of the controversial E4 show.

Married At First Sight UK's Jordan explodes after getting anonymous letter slamming marriage to Chanita

Married At First Sight UK’s Jordan explodes after getting anonymous letter slamming marriage to Chanita
Chanita doesn't seem happy with Jordan's response

Chanita doesn’t seem happy with Jordan’s responseCredit: Eroteme

Jordan, 29, and Chanita, also 29, got off to a good start when they met for the first time down the aisle.

The married couple couldn’t keep their hands off each other and seem to have had a pretty easy ride.

However, tonight they realise that they have to return to the real world very soon and start to wonder if their relationship will work.

This evening’s instalment sees the couples receive letters that have opinions on whether their marriage will last.

Before opening the letter, Chanita confesses: “I feel dead anxious.”

She then reads it out.

Chanita says: “I would first like to congratulate you on the success of your marriage so far.

“Although you are a strong couple at this point in the experiment, we do feel that you are now coasting to the end of the process without addressing some of the bigger issues…

“How would this work logistically post experiment?

“Are you both being your true selves within your marriage and the experiment?

“Loads of love, hope this helps.”

Chanita then confesses: “I mean I’ll be honest there is a lot we need to discuss post-experiment.

“I think tonight has been a good clear evidence of that.”

Jordan adds: “How do we know realistically if it’s going to work?

“Logistically outside of the experiment… we don’t. How can anyone determine that? If someone’s got a crystal ball to see the future then fair play, let me know.”

Relationship experiment Charlene Douglas is watching them on a screen and says: “I think Jordan’s got a good point. They don’t know how it is going to work outside of the experiment…

“But usually people are quite excited about stating that journey and for Jordan, he seems like he’s quite nervous about that.”

Paul C Brunson adds: What he’s doing is he’s deflecting , which is not a good indication.”

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