Martin Lewis warns that there’s no £2,500 cap on energy bills

MARTIN Lewis has warned households that there is no cap of £2,500 on bills.

The new Energy Price Guarantee (EPG) will apply from October 1, replacing the £1.971 price cap that applies now.

The money saving expert has explained how the "cap" on bills will work

The money saving expert has explained how thecapon bills will workالإئتمان: ريكس

It freezes bills at £2,500but that’s just the typical energy bill.

Speaking on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, مارتن said there isno cap of £2,500 on what you can pay on energy bills”.

The money saving expert said: “What there is, is a cap on standing charges, which is a daily charge you pay and the unit ratehow much you pay for each unit of gas and electricity you usethat’s what’s capped.

The £2,500 figure is based on what the energy regulator Ofgem calculates as thetypical ” مشروع قانون, هو قال.

But if you use more you’ll pay more,” أضاف.

It’s a cap on your unit rates. It limits how much you pay on each unit of gas and electricity. It is not a cap on total costs.

“ال old price cap wasn’t, and the new guarantee, which is effectively a two-year long price cap, isn’t either.

He said it was amiscommunicationto say that it was an overall cap on bills.

The government announced the EPG to stop bills from rocketing further.

Under the price cap, which is set by the regulator Ofgem and based on wholesale costs, bills were set to rise to £3,500.

Instead the government has frozen the average dual fuel bill on standard variable tariffs at £2,500.

But your bill can still be higher or lower depending on usage.

You bills can also vary depending on how you pay. Paying by direct debit is the cheapest way to cover the cost of your bill.

But those in prepayment meters pay more.

Those on a duel fuel standard tariff and who pay their bills by direct debit will pay the following unit rates from October 1:

  • 10.3p per killowatt hour (p/kWh) for gas
  • 34p/kWh for electricity
  • A standing charge of 27p per day for gas
  • A standing charge of 45p per day for electricity

The amount can also vary very slightly based on the company you’re with, where you live as well as how you pay your bill.

Martin also warned households to take a meter reading this week.

It could make your energy bill more accurate, and help you avoid overpaying based on estimates.

Extra help with energy bills

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There’s more help from the government on the way too in the form of one-off cost of living payments worth as much as £1,500 depending on your circumstances.

Every household will get £400 off their energy bill this winterand payments start from October 1.

Those on Universal Credit and certain benefits will get a £650 one-off payment – مع ال first half hitting bank accounts within WEEKS.

Meanwhile a payment of £300 will go to pensioners and £150 extra is being paid now to those getting some disability benefits.