Mestre cozinheiro: The Professionals viewers left fuming by ‘waste of time’ desafio

MESTRE COZINHEIRO: The Professionals viewers were left fuming by awaste of timechallenge on the latest episode of the BBC show.

During the final heat of the competition, the last four hopefuls arrived in the kitchen eager to show they have what it takes in two challenges set by Anna, Marco and Gregg.

Sous chef Ollie was up first in Marcus's skills test

Sous chef Ollie was up first in Marcus’s skills testCrédito: BBC
But viewers branded the skills test round as a "waste of time" as they said it doesn't count for anything

But viewers branded the skills test round as awaste of timeas they said it doesn’t count for anythingCrédito: BBC

First up was the skills test, as Marcus asked two chefs to prep a pigeon, cook it on the crown and serve the breasts with a pigeon and Madeira sauce.

Taking on Marcus’s skills test first was Sous Chef Ollie, who’s spent his years working in some of the UK’s best kitchens and is now working in a Michelin-star restaurant in Lancashire.

In the skills test hopefuls can still go through to the last round even if they mess up during the first round challenge.

But this didn’t seem to sit well with viewers, who had already made up their mind about the round branding it awaste of timeas they said itcounts for nothing

Taking to Twitter to air their frustrations, um visualizador escreveu: “Cannot believe they sent Ollie home, absolutely ridiculous decision. What’s the point of the skills test if you c***it up and still go through?”

Outro escreveu: “Why do a skills test if you just send them home??? #MasterChefTheProfessionals

A third penned: “What’s the point of the skills test if the judges ignore it ?#MasterCheftheprofessionals

A fourth echoed: “The #MasterChefTheProfessionals tech challenge does seem to be a waste of time, as it appears it doesn’t count for anything . Ollie didn’t deserve to go tonight as he was by far the best in that stage. #bringbackollie

A fifth fumed: “#MasterChefTheProfessionals What is the point of the skills test when no account is taken of it. Time and again the best in the skills test don’t get through. On the latest episode Ollie should have got through. Get a grip.

Tristemente, budding cook, Ollie did end up being sent home as he failed to impress the MasterChef professional judges.

Only the two best chefs will return for the quarter-finals and forge ahead in their bid to be crowned MasterChef: The Professionals champion 2022